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Directory: TechniquesOffensive techniquesPhysical techniques

Biting is a physical attack used several times in the Dragon Ball series.


Fangs the Vampire bites Krillins head

Fangs the Vampire bites Krillin's head.

Goku resorts to biting several times in the series, first biting King Piccolo's thumb (managing to draw blood in the process),[1] then biting Frieza to escape his Tail Attack,[2] and finally biting Kid Buu's head after Kid Buu bites his arm. In Dragon Ball Super, Goku bit the tail of Beerus and the tail of Frieza while fighting them. In Dragon Ball GT, he also bites a rock in pain while Old Kai is trying to pull out his tail.

Fangs the Vampire bites into Krillin's head during the Fortuneteller Baba Saga, nearly draining him of his blood in the process.[3]



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