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Super Saiyan Goku fires the Super Kamehameha, one of his Blast 2, in Budokai Tenkaichi 3

Blast 2 are Super Attacks for each character in the Budokai Tenkaichi series. Each character has two Blast 2 attacks, with damage dealt varying with each fighter. There are four variations of Blast 2: Beam attacks, Sphere attacks, Barrage attacks, and Rush attacks.


Energy beams

Beam attacks are large energy waves made of ki that are shot at the foe, which include moves such as the Kamehameha and the Galick Gun, or the more generic Full Power Energy Wave. Though they can be dodged fairly easily by a swift opponent, if they manage to impact they will usually dish out a good deal of damage. Another kind of beam attack is a very small, thin, and fast beam that usually pierces through the body of an opponent, such as the Death Beam and Dodonpa.

Energy spheres

Energy sphere attacks are less common, but usually powerful. A large ball of ki is thrown at the foe to inflict damage (sometimes, two are thrown). Moves like that include Full Power Energy Ball, Brave Cannon and Finish Buster.

Energy barrages

Energy barrages are Continuous Energy Bullets. They home in on the opponent and are very hard to dodge at moderate ranges, but do not deal very high damage. Moves like this include Finger Blitz Barrage, Full Power Energy Blast Volley, Trap Shooter and Full Power Energy Barrage Wave.

Rush attacks

Rush attacks are short cutscenes of the character performing a barrage of hits to the opponent, sometimes ending with a powerful ki blast. Notable Rush attacks are High Speed Rush and High Power Rush.

Cinematic energy attacks

Along with cinematic rushes, there are a few cinematic energy attacks (like the Spirit Bomb, Super Spirit Bomb, Father-Son Kamehameha, Bros. Kamehameha, and Omega Blaster) which produce a cutscene when they successfully hit the opponent. Like normal Blast 2s, they can also Energy Clash with other clashable Blast 2 techniques (for example the Father-Son Kamehameha can clash with Super Perfect Cell's Solar Kamehameha, allowing the player to recreate the climatic Energy Clash that ended the Cell Games).

If an opponent is defeated using most types of Cinematic Energy Attacks (such as rush attacks that end in an energy attack), instead of falling to the ground unconscious, they will completely disappear from the map, suggesting they were vaporized.