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  • Yoyomom
    • 1. Chi-chi
    • 2. Bulma
    • 3. GT Goten
    • 4. GT Trunks
    • 5. Tarble
    • 6. Hatchiyack
    • 7. Full powered Bojack
    • 8. Fusion Android 13
    • 9. Tapion
    • 10. Future Gohan

    • 1. SSB goku + SSB Vegeta
    • 2. SS Goten + SS Trunks
    • 3. SS4 Goku + SS4 Vegeta
    • 4. GT Goten + GT Trunks
    • 5. Buu saga Gohan + Future Trunks
    • 6. Chi-chi + Bulma
    • 7. Any Gohan + Any Goten
    • 8. Baby + Hatchiyack
    • 9. Cell + Krillin
    • 10. Goku + Hercule
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  • Feminist SJW

    Just found another wikia that covers everything this wikia covers (albeit 3000 pages less):

    The fan fic site: lists the Dragon Universe Wikia as the "Ofiical Dragon Ball wiki"

    Any admins from here aware?

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  • Shuki1320

    Movie 8 Z Senshi

    April 11, 2017 by Shuki1320

    I am going to make this and settle it once and for all with all the evidence... If you keep denying it after that, then you are *bleep*ing biased retards or trolls LOL

    Most will be dedicated to Movie 8 Goku as most agree the rest are much weaker than in the Cell Games..

    Now let us begin!!!!

    [b][color=orange]Movie Timeline[/color][/b]

    "Dragon Ball Z: Burn Up!! A Close, Intense, Super-Fierce Battle" was revealed on March 6, 1993 between episodes 176 to 177 just before Goku was about to start his fight with Cell... That means the movie was revealed before Goku showed his full power SSjin vs Cell and before any of the Cell Games Z senshi made their debut.. If they never made their debut in the series then how can they be in their Cell Games selves…

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  • Final Kamehameha1

    Krillien is a complete monster when he fights goku in dragonball super episode 84!! if you havent watched it you should its one of my fav krillian sceens. I found a new respect for krillian in this episode and i hope you do too!!! keep in touch with my page ill try to post every week! also subscribe to maseko x and seth the programer and geekdom on youtube!!!

    if you want you can subscribe to me also TacoStaco on youtube i rant about stuff its funny and theres some dbz stuff too!!!    

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  • Gokusayiangod

    Ok, Since we have seen super sayian transformations 1-2-3 and now ssg and ssb, and newly teased (possibly) super sayian red, akira toriyama is obviously going in a slighly different direction with the stated goal of ssj white being the ultimate transformation. I want to know your thoughts on my ssj progressions. I think they should since ssg is base form, ss blue is (supposedly) super saiyan god, super saiyan. A.T should make ss red be similar to ssj2 and then make his ultimate transformation ss white and make that a combination of ssj3 and or ssj4 but in white? 

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  • Solember

    After years and years of competition, I have learned that there is more money to be earned by vending at these events than there is from winning one. Selling my SEER deck box (can be seen at or purchased at for those of you who play trading card games and are interested) has given me a LOT of success so far this year, and that makes me happy. I designed the box to be loved by the community, and the community seems to love the box as a result. Fun times, right?

    I just wanted to put out there that anyone who has an idea for a product or a design who is hesitating on moving forward with it, just do it and see what happens. It can't hurt, really. If you need help or advice, you can ask me, especially for those of…

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  • ZachG12

    Real Power Levels are the Power Levels in Dragonball Z , They are not really estimated properly..But they are calculated good too make them accurate. Real Power Levels only contain Accurate levels and only support Saiyan-Android Saga. You can edit to add more but dont edit the previous one.

    PS: Some of them are the same in youtube since some of them are estimated in the Anime/Manga , Stupid Scouters.

    Farmer - 5

    Raditz - 1,200

    Piccolo(W/ Weights) - 322

    Krillin - 206

    Goku(W/ Weights) - 334

    Roshi - 139

    Gohan - 1

    Bulma - 24

    Gohan(Emotion) - 710

    Piccolo (WO/Weights) - 408

    Goku (WO/Weights) - 416

    Kamehameha - 924

    Special Beam Cannon - 1,330

    Gohan Enraged - 1,307

    Yamcha - 177

    Tien - 250

    Chiatzou - 180

    Stupid Saiyans - 580-700

    King Yemma - 2,350

    Princess Snake Servant - 480 , Princess Snake…

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  • Cool24Skywalker

    I know this maybe an advanced form of Super Saiyan God but I still think this is the best form. For one reason it states that Goku Blue could be used with kaioken so it's basically like super Saiyan God multiplier 10 at kaiokens highest level. Goku uses this against Hit in the final round of Beerus's tournament. When you fuse with it like Vegito Blue it makes this transformation the most powerful. Plus SSG is Gokus friends powered combined and with a power-up to become super Saiyan Blue could probably defeat Beerus himself

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  • CoolDude1111

      If Goku was a human, things would definantly be quite different. First off, without saiyan strength, Goku may not have survived hitting his head. For the sake of this story, let's just say that he does. Without a tail, Goku would have not turned into an Oozaru, therefore Gohan would still be alive. Bulma would eventually come to Gohan and Goku for the Dragon Balls, and everything would work out normally until the Pilaf Saga. Obviously, Goku would not become an Oozaru, so the gang wouldn't have been able to escape their cell. However, I feel that Gohan would've had the strength to kill Pilaf and they wouldn't get arrested in the first place. Gohan would probably go and find his Dragon Ball, and Goku would off to train with Roshi. 

      The to…

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  • RoastedBrains

    So, we know that Broly is a freak who couldn't control his own ki in LSS form. Even being stronger than 4 SS and a Super Namek, he was still defeated, twice.

    What if he decides to train in hell, grows a brain and stops his ki from leaking out?

    I assume that a 'Stable' Broly will be far stronger than Crazy wild broly. He will possibly go LSS2 and maybe 3 after enough training in otherworld.

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  • TheKingTaurus

    Hello fellow Dragon Ball fans!

    This is The King Taurus speaking, Dragon Ball super fan and the administrator of the official Dragon Ball Absalon series wikia page. I'm writing this blog to ask for you guys's help and this is an open invitation to anyone who is also a fan of DBA. I've been building a wikia all on my own for about a year now and its a little more overwhemling then I thought it would be to creating pages, organzing, editing and proofreading them etc. all on my own, it's 125+ pages and growing. So what I'm asking for is a little help with this and maybe add more administrators who would regularly contribute like I have to the wikia site. So if you're truly interested, take a look at what I've done so far at this link (Dragon Ba…

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  • Azazel00

    Gogeta vs. Vegito

    March 3, 2017 by Azazel00

    We first saw Gogeta in the movie: Fusion Reborn where he easily massacred Janemba, who easily beat SSJ3 Goku and SSJ2 Vegita. When he arrives, we see him take hits from Janemba without even fliching and he wastes no time in easily killing Janemba with one move. We see him come back later in GT as a SSJ4 against Omega Shenron, who was leagues above both SSJ4 Goku and SSJ4 Vegita. We see no indication that SSJ4 Gogeta was anywhere near his full power while fighting Omega, as Gogeta was toying around with him. Just as Gogeta was about to put in the final blow, however, the fusion was cut short because of the excessive energy output of the two SSJ4s fusing.

    Some time ago, Toriyama brough back a beloved character from DBZ into DBS with a new tra…

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  • Azazel00

    We first saw Gogeta in the movie: Fusion Reborn where he easily massacred Janemba, who easily beat SSJ3 Goku and SSJ2 Vegita. When he arrives, we see him take hits from Janemba without even fliching and he wastes no time in easily killing Janemba with one move. We see him come back later in GT as a SSJ4 against Omega Shenron, who was leagues above both SSJ4 Goku and SSJ4 Vegita. We see no indication that SSJ4 Gogeta was anywhere near his full power while fighting Omega, as Gogeta was toying around with him. Just as Gogeta was about to put in the final blow, however, the fusion was cut short because of the excessive energy output of the two SSJ4s fusing.

    Some time ago, Toriyama brough back a beloved character from DBZ into DBS with a new tra…

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  • TheSpaceGod

    Okay so just hear me out what if ssj4 wasn't actually a ssj form because all it is, is just controlled ape form right? So doesn't that me it's just a different base form like normal Goku and that he could achieve ssj1, 2 and 3 in his controlled ape form(ssj4) and maybe even god because one they already have the design for it and that add 4 or 5 extra super Saiyan forms and it would look extremely bad ass.

    Please comment if this is just stupid because I haven't heard this theory anywhere else and was just wondering if there is any possibility of this happening or even being correct. Thanks a lot!!!

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  • SSJBigBaron


    February 27, 2017 by SSJBigBaron
    "Not good... I don't have much left in me... I must put all my power into this one final attack... and put him down for good!" - Oscuras' thoughts during his fight with Perfect Cell.

    Oscuras is Saiyan/Kaioshin male of average height accompanied with a muscular body build. He sports white/light gray hair and black eyes, he wears a green and black colored gi with white boots and a single potara earring on his left ear.

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  • Creeperman129

    Hey join this it's cool.

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  • DashTurbo780

    This is a list of well known fan made transformations.

    Super Saiyan 5 (超サイヤ人5, Sūpā Saiya-jin Fi) is a fan made form that originated from the fan manga Dragon Ball AF. This form is the successor of the Super Saiyan 4. Super Saiyan 5 appears similar to the Super Saiyan 4 transformation except with white long hair (similar to Super Saiyan 3 and 4) with a long lock extending from the front, and white fur along the body except for the chest. This form is shown to be achieved by Goku in the art for Dragon Ball AF, but numerous fan animations and mangas (an example is Dragon Ball Absalon) show other characters such as Vegeta, Gohan, and numerous original characters using the form.

    Super Saiyan White is an transformation predicted by many fans to be Go…

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  • IStoleThePies

    The Oracle Fish

    February 19, 2017 by IStoleThePies

    Just wondering, couldn't Beerus have asked the Oracle Fish who will win Zeno's tournament?

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  • Dragonoob003

    I've heard that a lot people are pairing Goku and Naruto for a death battle. Most endings come out unsuccessful or clueless, I would say personally. People are spamming about "planet-busters", "moon-busters", or "mountain-busters". We're not talking about "destroying a planet" tournament. We're talking about actually the two heroes beating the crap out of each other. Because of the undesirable comments and sickening theories, I've decided to put my thoughts in.

    Setting: On a planet; Goku and Naruto are on a planet: atmosphere is fine, everything is at like the best environment

    As a tough habit to rid of and a huge personality, Goku loves to fight. He loves to see how much body is pushed to the limit, letting the enemy handle him for a bit. T…

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  • Kidd.zaayy





    SSJG-Rise To Lowest Of Godly Levels


    God of Destruction, Beerus Arc


    SSJ Goku-175,000,000,000

    SSJ2 Goku-350,000,000,000

    SSJ3 Goku-1,400,000,000,000



    Mystic Gohan-3,600,000,000,000


    SSJ Vegeta-150,000,000,000

    SSJ2 Vegeta-300,000,000,000

    Good Buu-250,000,000,000




    Enraged SSJ2 Vegeta-30,000,000,000,000

    SSJG Goku-3,500,000,000,000,000

    Beerus(Less Suppressed)-4,000,000,000,000,000

    SSJ Goku(God Powered)-4,000,000,000,000,000

    Golden Frieza Arc

    Frieza First Form(Post Training)- 50,000,000,000,000





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  • Creeperman129

    Happy Valentine's Day!

    February 15, 2017 by Creeperman129

    Hope everyone had a good Valentine's Day! That is all :P

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  • Bman8000

    It would be amazing to see a spin-off series of dragon ball and dragon ball z where Goku, our protagonist never learned the Kamehameha wave. I feel that Dragonball would be a completely different series without it, but I also don't believe that it would just end. At least until the Cell battles. I want to see your guys ideas on the subject down below.

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  • GrandMastrX

    So i decided to revive this old post since i found Kakarot's concept interesting, i copied and pasted most of his info here. After doing research I've created a formula on how to find you fighting power(power level).as far as i know it very's also a bit complicated at times.Also this formula is very inaccurate in dragon world,but is good for real life.

    After you find your post in on here. Please don't lie about your power level either, it just ruins the fun in this thing.

    Step 1. Add height( in Inches) + weight (in pounds) E.g. mine is 71 + 147 = 218

    Step 2. Add total of bench press(in pounds) , leg press( any other leg exercise and value of limit), military press(in pounds), dead lift(in pounds), bicep curl e.g. 150 + 350 + 110 + 255…

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  • LightningKing

    Guess who's back, back again.

    LK's back, tell a friend

    Guess who's back, Guess who's back

    Ladies and gentlemen, let's introduce the best man on the planet, the center of the universe, the maker of stupid jokes, LK. Well, LK, what do you have to say for yourself?

    Well, me, I'm back after a brief period of laziness and it's 2017. Also, there's a weird amount of power level blogs. All of this shit aside, let's get right into the alternate facts.

    Ahoy, it's LK, and I'm here to rant about Dragon Ball Super.

    Dragon Ball Super, the long awaited canon sequel to the original Dragon Ball franchise was, upon its initial release highly anticipated. I remember that at its original release, you could actually hear the Dragon Ball fanboys defending its garbage…

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  • NickSar12

    DBS Power Levels

    February 9, 2017 by NickSar12

    Battle Of Gods Saga:

    Goku (Base): 2,000,000,000

    Goku (SSJ): 50,000,000,000

    Goku (SSJ2) 100,000,000,000

    Goku (SSJ3) 500,000,000,000

    Goten (Base): 50,000,000

    Goten (SSJ): 100,000,000

    Kid Trunks (Base) 55,000,000

    Kid Trunks (SSJ) 110,000,000

    Snake: 500,000

    Leader: 250,000,000,000

    Leader (Battle Mode): 500,000,000,000

    Beerus (Greatly Suppressed): 1,000,000,000,000

    Majin Buu: 400,000,000,000

    Gotenks (Base): 210,000,000,000

    Gotenks (SSJ): 1,500,000,000,000

    Gotenks (SSJ3): 5,250,000,000,000

    Beerus (Suppressed): 100,000,000,000,000

    Piccolo: 100,000,000,000

    Android 18: 25,000,000,000

    Tien: 1,000,000,000

    Vegeta (Base): 2,000,000,000

    Vegeta (SSJ): 100,000,000,000

    Vegeta (SSJ2): 500,000,000,000

    Vegeta (SSJ2 RAGE): 10,000,000,000,000

    Goku (SSJG): 500,000,000,000,000

    Beerus (Bas…

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  • Megapig9001

    Episode 77 fills me with joy. The scene at the beginning with Goku and the robbers symbolizes a new beginning for the show much like with Raditz and the farmers, and this new beginning shows. The animation has received a MAJOR improvement. It tries to emulate the original style of Z which helps to diferentiate Super from other animes. But the big thing for me is the music. I hated the music for Super until now. These new songs are filled with energy and really get you to feel emotion. I can't wait to see where Super goes next.

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  • KingPin0422

    We've all wondered what multipliers the God transformations (Super Saiyan God, Super Saiyan Blue, Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-ken X10, and Super Saiyan Rosé) have at one point, haven't we?

    Well, I think it's high time someone settled this matter.

    I'm KingPin0422, and today we will be discussing the God Transformation Multipliers.

    First off, let's talk about Super Saiyan God. This form gives Goku a massive boost in power, enough to go toe-to-toe with God of Destruction Beerus while his Super Saiyan 3 form was utterly humiliated. This, of course, means Super Saiyan God must have a huge multiplier.

    To get the multiplier for this form, we must first look at the ritual needed to achieve the form.

    According to Shenron, the Super Saiyan God Ritual is done by ha…

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  • Frenchfry.puma945

    Alright, so the new opening "Limit-break X Survivor", is an amazing opening, that started on episode 77. At the very end of the opening however, we see Goku first in the Super Saiyan form, then transforms into SSGSS and battles the *possibly* hooded guy. He once again and finally transforms into a transformation that resembles Kaio-ken.. However, this transformation has many possibilities.

    First of all, people have said that this transformation is SSGSS Kaio-ken, but it can't be. SSGSS Kaio-ken has a blue aura inside and a red aura coating/over the blue aura. Also, the hair is blue. This mysterious transformation absolutely bares no resemblances to SSGSS Kaio-ken. Anyways, this transformation looks the most like the Super Kaio-ken, but the S…

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  • Kyefil

    This is another version of the other power level list

    Oozaru X10 base
    Super saiyan X50 base
    Ascended Super saiyan X60 base
    Ultra Super saiyan X75 base
    Legendary Super saiyan X100 base
    Super saiyan 2 X100 base
    Super saiyan 3 X400 base
    Golden Oozaru X500 base
    Super sayian 4 X4,000 base
    Fusion dance A+Bx100
    Fusion Potara A+Bx500

    === Pre-dragon ball:===






    Bardock (Oozaru):87,000

    Tora (Oozaru):47,000

    Shugesh (Oozaru):25,000

    Borgos (Oozaru):34,000

    Fasha (Oozaru):27.000



    Kid Vegeta:12,000


    King Vegeta:11,000




    Dodoria's elites:5,000-6,000

    Bardock (zenkai):14,000

    Bardock's final spirit cannon:38,000

    Frieza's Supernova:850,000


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  • Staff Sergeant Jack Jackson

    I've been watching the US Version of Dragon Ball Fusions on TheeMikeyJ's youtube channel, and discovered some poor censorship (sticks to swords), and some pretty lazy translations. I put Karoly's Kanji name in the google translator, and it does come up with Kalory, but who in the world would call him that the ruins the idea of fusion for series. I live in a different continent to NA, and have feeling that this things are coming to my continent. Does Nintendo and US Bandai realise they ruined the game with this poor choices?

    P.S. I'm never calling him Kalory. He's Karoly to me.

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  • The Duke of Lies 420

    What is your favourite DBZ character - hero or villain?

    I am aware this question has been asked billions of times, but I am posting this message regardless.

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  • CoolDude1111

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    this vidyo makes me want to cri. …

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  • The Duke of Lies 420

    I was pondering over a few details that the writers of the dbz series obviously didn't take into account and I thought I might place them into the spotlight to see if anyone else has an input on it.

    Cooler's power level is supposedly 160 million in his base form (or forth form if you like), meaning that he is far stronger than Frieza even at 100% power (120 million). However, it has been stated that only Frieza and King Cold have abnormally high power levels for there race?

    Second of all, how come everyone is totally in agreement that Frieza (at the time) is the strongest in the universe? Did they just forget to mention he had a farther and an older brother both more powerful?

    Another main detail they seem to have missed is that Cooler in his…

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  • HollowIchigo58
    Thats really fucking stupid, giving Broly a gender bender, I really hate that and that will ruin it for me.

    I really HOPE its NOT a girl because I just don't want one my top most favorite villains in DB getting a gender bender and that shit a very cliche in anime and I HATE that.

    Also now Broly looks he's wearing a FUCKING SPORTS BRA, that is stupid and we DON'T need female Broly fans, and he's always been a big, scary and psychotic man.

    But then again, dumb is a one syllable word that covers it pretty damn well.

    So what do all of you think?

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  • Zany101

    Ssjg and Ssjb multipliers

    January 18, 2017 by Zany101

    i believe the multipliers for ssjg and ssjb are as followd

    Ssjg 600x Ssjb 500x

    Yes u might think wow thats low but please take these things in consideration

    Vegeta ssj2 being 10% compared to beerus And ssjg was 60% Wich means ssjg is 600x since a ssj2 is 100x

    And ssjb vegeta vs hit Vegeta was at 10% of his max power

    (Rdm)×600= (ssjg) ÷50= (new base god ki absorbed) ×500= (ssjb) ÷10= (1/10 ssjb) Regardless what ssjg multiplier is ssjb is always 500x

    Plz let me know what u think

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  • JokerJay779

    Since I can't seem to make a forum because it won't let me I will have to make a blog about this instead. So like you know how Super Trunks goes into a new version of his timeline at the end of his saga after his timeline was destroyed? Well they mentioned how there would be two Future Trunks and Future Mai's living there at the same time. And then it hit me. What if the Future Trunks of the new future timeline is the one Chronoa or Supreme Kai of Time found and took to the Time Nest to work for her? And Future Trunks seen in Super stays in that timeline to make protect it while the other Future Trunks is gone.

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  • TheFourDragonBallZ

    Dragon Ball -G-

    January 15, 2017 by TheFourDragonBallZ
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  • Evening Primrose

    Drayden who 2

    January 15, 2017 by Evening Primrose


    I was former Dragon Ball Wikia user Drayden Stone and Axel Valentine. To allieve anyone experiencing déjà vu I posted a blog like this this past summer.

    Upon preparing for my final semester of University I decided to venture here to reminisce on my cringiest moments time spent here and I began feeling nostalgic (and mildly upset myself because I just now realized I left this website as Drayden without notice).

    So I ask again: How is everyone? 

     Also congratulations Final Chidori on becoming an Administrator! Proud of you. 

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  • SecretSynergy


    January 14, 2017 by SecretSynergy

    CakeBuu! My lord (remeber me from the dokkan wiki?)! On THIS site will have more edits than you!

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    super saiyan forms line

    January 14, 2017 by GEOHERO
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  • Supremegogeta

    So i read on twitter that tfs made the broly movie but i can not find it anywhere. Could someone tell me why? And does anyone have a link to it? Thanks. Supremegogeta 23:58, January 9, 2017 (UTC)

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  • Steve9021

    Two Questions

    January 9, 2017 by Steve9021

    1) What if in Dragon Ball Z: The History of Trunks, both Future Trunks and Future Bra were born at the same time as one another in the form of fraternal twins?

    2) How strong would a Saiyan reincarnation of Cooler be if the latter had been killed during the end of Dragon Ball Z: Cooler's Revenge and was then reincarnated in the form of Son Goten?

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  • Dbzking177

    new blog

    January 9, 2017 by Dbzking177

    hello who ever is reading on this blog of mine i will be makeing shure you get all youre dbz news 

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  • YinyangElementofduality

    Starting from after Frieza Saga power levels was kept vague and people enjoy giving their own speculations. I will do the same here using a set of rules.

    Since the Saiyans are the strongest, I will focus primarily on estimating Saiyans and their Super Saiyan forms' growth.

    The growth rates will go by...

    I will use 30,000,000 as a standard growth for the Saiyans.If there is a massive jump I'll sort of explain.

    Super Saiyan transformation multipliers will only apply to their first appearance.

    I will be using this scale:

    SSJ 1 = 50X Base from frieza Saga

    SSJ 2 = MSSJ X 2 from Cell Games

    SSJ 3 = MSSJ X8 from Buu Saga

    SSJ 4 = MSSJ x10 from GT


    Saiyan Base Form PL: Approx. 15,000,000 to 30,000,000

    Super Saiyan: 165,000,000 to 210,000,000

    Ascended S…

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  • Creeperman129

    T-They didn't forget! They didn't forget! Also, that forest sounds like that cave from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

    Edit: I didn't watch it all to hear that Geekdom made the comparison :P

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  • What Refreshments?

    Hey guys literally just joined this website today but with a mission and I want everybody to feel welcomed to it. It is not about a single anime I choose this site to be the base of operations because well if it weren't for Dragon Ball I would of never gotten into Anime period, so might as well go with my bedrock and flagship memories right? Anyway I require help with a anime crossover story I have I've been working on this project for 9 months now but for it to jump from paper and pen to your computer screen is easier said then done. I merely want advice on what I can do to express this tale with all you, also please no arguments or hateful spite I'm not trying to get people to go nuts. So thanks for taking the time to read hope to hear f…

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    Hi All! Long time no see! I was involved here a lot during the Raging Blast/Raging Blast 2 days and I still occasionally lurk

    Wanted to draw your attention to a thread I've currently got started over on GameFaqs for the game Dragonball Fusions.

    As some of you may know, through the games Streetpass feature we are able to perform "Arbirtrary" or Freeform fusions with any two characters in the game. And I have since started a request thread over on GameFaqs as well as a Photobucket Gallery of all the fusions I've done thus far.



    Hope you guys Enjoy!


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  • GreatSaiyaman123

    Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super power levels, including movies and specials. Hope you enjoy it.

    Oozaru Bardock: 90,000

    Oozaru Toma: 45,000

    Oozaru Seripa: 30,000

    Oozaru Toteppo: 27,500

    Oozaru Panbukin: 24,000

    Kanassans: 4,000 ~ 6,000

    Bardock: 9,000

    Toma: 4,500

    Seripa: 3,000

    Toteppo: 2,750

    Panbukin: 2,400

    Injured Kanassan: 500

    King Vegeta: 10,000

    Imperor Freeza: 260,000

    Bardock (Zenkai): 12,000

    Dodoria's Elite: 3,000 ~ 6,000

    Dodoria: 20,000

    Injured Bardock: 6,000

    Freeza's Henchmens: 100 ~ 1,000

    Freeza's Supernova: 312,000

    Injured Bardock's Final Spirit Cannon: 7,500

    Bardock (Zenkai): 16,000

    Planet Plant's inhabitants: 3 ~ 5

    Chilled's Henchmens: Around 500

    Chilled: 300,000

    SSJ Bardock: 800,000

    SSJ Bardock's Spirit Cannon: 1,000,000

    Goku: 10

    Bulma: 4

    Bear …

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  • Creeperman129

    Happy New Year!

    January 1, 2017 by Creeperman129

    Happy New Year! Random post to look back on what's happened! What was your favorite (and least favorite) Dragon Ball moment this year? Is it Super (in both ways)? Is it power level lists? Feel free to share!

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  • DaichiUzumaki

    Son Daiko

    December 26, 2016 by DaichiUzumaki

    "Cherish does who you love the most" 

    — Daiko to Kenny just before he (Daiko) died from Majin Buu

    Son Daiko (ソンダイコ, Son Daiko) is the younger son of Jeff and his wife Luna, making him a Saiyan and Earthling hybrid. Daiko is Aaron's younger brother and Kenny's best friend.

    Daiko's appearance as a child is very similar to Jeff's childhood look, including messy, unkempt hair and a playful face. He also wears a different white gi to Jeff's, minus the kame symbol along with a black short-sleeved undershirt and black training shoes with black shin guards in the Majin Buu Arc. Daiko is known for looking almost identical to his father 

    as a child, to the point when Jeff first meets Daiko he proclaims "I think there is a little me on your head Luna!" Th…

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