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  • Orion Invictus

    In DBZ, Saiyans managed to overcome their limits by giving in to anger and frustration (Super Saiyan 1-3), but in DBS, it's been the opposite. SSG required six pure-hearted Saiyans, who'd managed to overcome their inherently wild nature. SSB also requires a calm mind. And then there's Ultra Instinct, that literally requires you to be so calm, your mind goes blank, leaving your body to react on its own. In other words, DBS has Saiyans going against their savage nature to surpass their limits. DBGT did something similar with SS4, which requires a calm mind while going back to the Saiyan roots (Great Ape).

    What do you guys think of this change? I found it interesting, but I'm not sure Toriyama intended it this way.

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  • Anime X SSB UI

    The tournament of power is reaching its final phase and I have some theories that how it will end:- SLIDE 1/9 – WHO WINS THE TOURNAMENT OF POWER?According to this theory Universe 11 would win the Tournament of Power in the end, with Terez27 states, "Crucially, Universe 11 would have to win the tournament. Jiren gets the wish (which is unrelated to reviving U7) and U7 faces destruction. Many have argued that it seems unlikely that Goku will lose with UI, but I think the purpose of UI is not necessarily for Goku to win, but for Goku to impress Zenō with his power."

    Universe 11 winning the tournament would line up with many other theories online, and another universe other than Universe 7 would provide a conclusive end. And as strong as Goku h…

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  • Jim Logan

    Xenoverse 2 DLC 6 help

    February 28, 2018 by Jim Logan

    So I have Fighterz and Xenoverse 2, and when DLC 6 was announced, if you have both you get rewards (as shown in this photo), Android 21 outfit and Supreme Kai of Time lobby character for Fighterz. Is there something I'm doing wrong? Why can't I access 21's outfit?

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  • Orion Invictus

    There's one debate ubiquitous to every Japanese cartoon and comic that's been released (as well as several other western franchises): which parts of it are and aren't "canon". Some cite comic books as being the "true canon" for later adaptations (and so anything that doesn't match it is "non-canon"), others cite the original creator's work as being the "true canon", and others still just say something they don't like is "non-canon".

    However, this phenomenon seems to be almost entirely exclusive to western fans. In Japan, they just accept the stories as what they're meant to be (amusement), without concerning themselves about what is or isn't "canon". Why can't western fans do the same? What drives you to obsess over an insignificant aspect …

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  • SunDaGamer

    Piccolo (w/ weights): 322

    Farmer (w/ shotgun): 5

    Raditz: 1,200

    Gohan: 2

    Goku (w/ weights): 334

    Krillin: 206

    Master Roshi: 139

    Goku (w/o weights): 416

    Piccolo (w/o weights): 408

    Kamehameha: 927

    Gohan (Enraged): 1,307

    Makankosappo (Special Beam Cannon): 1,303

    Yamcha: 177

    Tien Shinhan: 250

    Kami: 220

    Mr Popo: 223 Abriged Popo (0.000001%): Pecking Order

    King Yemma: 2,500

    King Kai: 3,500

    Post 9 months training

    Piccolo (w/ weights): 1,900

    Gohan: 981

    Krillin: 1,770

    Tien Shinhan: 1,830


    Chiaotzu: 610

    Saibamen: 1,200

    Piccolo (w/o weights): 2,500

    Nappa: 4,500

    Vegeta: 16,500

    Gohan (Angry): 2,500

    Goku (suppressed): 5,000

    Goku: 9,200 (8,200)

    Nappa (Full Power): 7,500

    Goku (Kaioken x2): 16,400

    Vegeta: 18,000

    Goku (Kaioken x3): 24,600

    Galick Gun: 27,000

    Goku (Kaioken x4): 32,800


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  • Tonybalongna


    February 11, 2018 by Tonybalongna
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  • Tonybalongna

    While watching Episode 127, I noticed alot of inconsistencies. Such as, why was Belmod attracted to Jiren's obsession with strength, did he realize Jiren was a prodigy? (Click the links to see pictures)

    Belmod kept referring to Jirens' parents' killer as an "evil-doer." How did Belmod know about this if Jiren acted so sensitively when Android 17 told him to stop holding onto the past? Jiren likely didn't tell Belmod his origins, but this still could've been the case.

    The "evil-doer" 's aura looks similar to that to that of a God Of Destruction's.…

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  • WaterKirby1994

    Ok I did the math & 10 seconds outside the chamber is the same as 1 hour inside, which is conveniently the normal length of time needed before fusing again. Piccolo & Gotenks were in the chamber long enough after Buu left to have had their fusion run out then refuse while Super Buu was eating everyone. While there are probably some inaccuracies it still seems likely that they unfused & became Gotenks again.

    It's likely that the portals temporarily make the Hyperbolic Timechamber have the normal flow of time. The HTC or RoSaT can only be effectively used to train 2 at once likely because of there being only 2 beds, however there may be another reason. The mystery of the door vanishing has never been confirmed, & is only an assumed event for …

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  • Mancavevictor

    [1]Goku Spirit Bomb Cloud Lamp 

    Amazing Goku Spirit Bomb Cloud Lamp

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  • Orion Invictus

    Since the beginning, they've added more and more "junk" to replace actual episode time. Before, we had this sequence:

    1. Logos
    2. Intro
    3. Quick recap of previous episode
    4. Title card
    5. First half of the episode
    6. Artwork(? not sure what this is called)
    7. Second half of the episode
    8. Outro
    9. Preview for next episode

    Now (ToP) we have:

    1. Logos
    2. Preview of the episode you're about to watch
    3. Intro
    4. Recap of the previous episode
    5. Title card
    6. First half of the episode
    7. Artwork(? not sure what this is called)
    8. Second half of the episode
    9. Outro
    10. Preview for the next episode

    And in the latest episode:

    1. Logos
    2. Preview of the episode you're about to watch
    3. Intro
    4. Recap of the precious episode
    5. Title card
    6. Reused events from the end of the previous episode
    7. First half of the actual new episode
    8. Artwork(? not sure what thi…
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  • SupaKaminari

    Hello Everyone, it's SupaKaminari it's first time doing this post and i'm tried my best to speaking clearly (sorry my bad english)

    When the DBS ending came and New Movie finally also came, I'm thinking we need separated Main canon page and GT continuity (like billions times, GT isn't canon or at least not a same timeline explain in Xenoverse).... that's said for example with Goku with two separate page with his canon one and GT....

    I know is pain in ass to do this... but i'm prefer separated this two series for better for confused to newbies believes GT is canon.... not seriously are still people believe are same continuity.... 

    Well also after final DBS is probably came a new series after this and probably is 2019 with new DB series after fi…

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  • GalaxyWorld27

    I heard that dragon Ball super is ending on it's 131 episode. How sad. I want to see Goku and friends visit the other Warriors universe and warriors have flash backs.

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  • Orion Invictus

    This is my speculation, but time is simply going to run out, and since Frieza is still in the ring, U11 is going to be erased.

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  • Tonybalongna

    Buu VS God Toppo

    January 28, 2018 by Tonybalongna

    If buu used chocolate beam , could he defeat toppo, or would the beam be destroyed?

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  • UltraSilver2

    Do you remember when Trunks and Goten were first learning fusion? If you do, you should recall that Trunks was complaining about him having to lower his energy level to match Goten. Goku said that it is natural that Trunks is stronger than Goten because he is a year older. Well guess what? Vegeta is five years older than Goku. That means Vegeta is stronger than Goku. Now I'm starting to think that the only reason that Goku can surpass Vegeta is because he his constantly getting new forms.

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  • TurboTriangle601

    This only focuses on the Dragon Ball manga, Dragon Ball Super anime and Dragon Ball Kai. This is purely experimental and may not detail my actual opinions.

    SSJ - 50x

    SSJ2 - 100x

    SSJ3 - 400x

    SSJG - 500x

    SSJB - 5,000x

    Turtle - 3

    Master Roshi - 180

    Chiaotzu - 230

    Yamcha - 265

    Krillin - 270

    Tenshinhan - 290

    Kami - 330

    Piccolo (Suppressed) - 332-408

    Piccolo (W/Weights) - 880 (I don't think you can cram destroying a large island to a moon or so in a gap of a few tens or so.)

    Son Goku (W/Weights) - 920

    Piccolo - 1,050

    Son Goku - 1,100

    Raditz (Injured) - 1,200

    Son Gohan (Enraged) - 1,307

    Raditz - 1,500

    King Yenma - 1,800

    Gohan (Suppressed/Injured) - 1,083

    Chiaotzu - 1,200

    Saibamen - 1,500 each

    Yamcha - 1,700

    Tenshinhan - 1,900

    King Kai - 2,200

    Krillin - 2,200

    Son Gohan - 2,40…

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  • Epratt

    (DISCLAIMER: This is only going to be a 'Part 1' of this theory.  It will not be continued unless people want it to be continued.

    Everything that I'm about to state is going to be completely opinion-based.  If I offend or down somebody's opinions in any way by stating my own, I'd like to openly and humbly apologize right now. 

    Also, if you don't like the formatting of my theories, please let me know!  I do this for entertainment for myself and for others, so if something looks off, or if it just doesn't feel right, I'd love to change it to accomodate to you, the readers!

    Also, for this theory, I'm considering the Planet Arlia filler in the original plot to be canon, the Garlic Junior filler to be non-canon, and several movies are canon and ca…

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  • XHAZZA25


    January 14, 2018 by XHAZZA25
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  • Kinq1nC


    January 14, 2018 by Kinq1nC


    Goes from Sky Blue to Indigo gg no re

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  • Alihassan695

    Power Levels of dragon ball z official (up to DBS). after the buu saga, powers are based on Theory and multipliers


    Goku: 42

    Roshi: 75

    Yamcha: 34

    Ox King: 65

    Roshi (Máx. Power): 120

    Roshi (Kamehameha): 170

    Goku (Ozaru): 420

    Krillin: 32

    Jackie Chun: 90

    Yamcha: 57

    Krillin: 68

    Bacterian: 20

    Goku: 86

    Giran: 60

    Nam: 70

    Lanfan: 36

    Jackie Chun: 90

    Krillin: 68

    Goku: 86

    Nam: 70

    Goku: 86

    Jackie Chun: 90

    Jackie Chun (Kamehameha): 180

    Goku (Ozaru): 860

    Jackie Chun (Máx. Power): 132

    Goku: 89

    Colonel Silver: 38

    Goku: 89

    Major Metallitron: 83

    Kamehameha: 116

    Goku: 89

    Ninja Murasaki: 35

    Android 8: 104

    Goku: 89

    Android 8: 104

    Buyon: 60

    Kamehameha: 116

    General White: 24

    Goku: 89

    Krillin: 68

    Pirate Robot: 81

    General Blue: 71

    Goku: 89

    General Blue: 71

    Goku: 89

    Bora: 60

    Mercenary Tao: 11…

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  • MrMultiverse52

    Hello everyone it's your daddy back at it yet again and today I just wanted to see what people would say about this. It's important to note I will not be using the white ring of life and black ring of death for this theory, mainly because death isn't as dramatic in dragon Ball when you have 7 orbs that can literally bring anybody back from the dead. And the white lantern ring will be taken out mainly because it is a overpowered and overrated weapon in DC. Everything I say in this will be purely opinion based.

    Green/Willpower: ah classic green lantern ring! Will has been a big part of Goku's inside and outside of battle so it stands to reason that he would make a great GL. However that being sai doesn't Goku can be somewhat disobedient of a …

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  • TurboTriangle601

    Future Gohan - 10,000,000

    Goku Black (Inital) - 11,000,000

    Son Gohan (Post-Intense Training) - 345,000,000 (dear goodness)

    SSJ Future Gohan - 500,000,000

    SSJ Goku Black - 550,000,000

    SSJ3 Future Gohan - 1,500,000,000

    SSR Goku Black (Heavily Suppressed) - 1,800,000,000

    Son Gohan (Not Mystic) - 2,500,000,000

    GT Goku (Mortal Ki) - 5,500,000,000

    Son Goku (God Essence, Battle of Gods) - 65,000,000,000

    SSJ3 Son Gohan (Post-Cell Games) - 69,000,000,000 (Pretty simple really.)

    Mystic Gohan (Pre-Super) - 72,200,000,000

    Son Goku (Post-Future Trunks Saga) - 110,000,000,000

    Vegeta (Post-Future Trunks Saga) - 120,000,000,000

    Cell (Post-Future Trunks Saga) - 150,000,000,000

    Baby Vegeta (First Form) - 770,000,000,000

    Baby Vegeta (Final Form) - 2,050,000,000,000

    Gogeta (P…

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  • MrMultiverse52

    If you have not watch DBS episode 121 please do so right away cause this will contain spoilers you have been warned.

    With bs out of the way, let's talk about what we just saw and what we might see for episode 122. So universe 3 is finally gone and there are only two Universes left standing, 7 and 11. Though it wasn't a battle wilut causalites as now android 18 is gone leaving team 7 with only 5 members left: Goku, Vegeta, 17, Freiza and Gohan. Team 11 still has however Jiren, Toppo and Dyspo, despite the numbers odds seem little a bit better for team 11 due to team 7 being constantly targeted, members slowly being elimated, surviving members taking beatings and expanding so much energy and well you guys get what I'm saying. Goku and the gan…

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  • 0551E80Y

    "Last Friday, the official Dragon Ball Cafe and Diner opened in Osaka, Japan. The eatery serves up Dragon Ball themed food and drink, showcases beautiful art, and sells special merch."

    "For a limited time, Chinese restaurant Tokokuro has been converted into the Dragon Ball Cafe and Diner. This isn't the first Dragon Ball restaurant to hit Japan (there have been others!), but it does appear to be the nicest. The food this time around also looks better."

    If you are planning on visiting Japan in the near future. Give some of these places a try.

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  • Bangcap0

    Lam bang dai hoc gia re

    December 11, 2017 by Bangcap0

    Dich vu lam bang dai hoc gia re

    Dich vu lam bang dai hoc gia

    Dịch vụ làm bằng đại học giá rẻ

    Dịch vụ làm bằng đại học giả

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  • Cheyenne Wilson

    spoiler alert

    December 6, 2017 by Cheyenne Wilson

    hi its your girl cheyenne and i have a spoiler for you the tournament of universes update .The Tournament of Power in “Dragon Ball Super” is a less convenient way for the Zenos to erase a universe. The Omni-Kings initially wanted to erase the universes that have low mortal levels. However, due to Goku’s idea of having a competition, instead of automatically erasing the universe, the team has to get first in the tournament and try their luck to win so as not to get erased. In Episode 112, fans were delighted to hear from the proud Vegeta that should he win the tournament he will wish for Cabba and Universe6 to be resurrected.Meanwhile, the next episode of “Dragon Ball Super” is scheduled to air on October 29. It will feature the crazy re-ma…

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  • Mark Gabriel Gore
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  • XenoOpa

    This is a list of dragon ball power levels. Some are unconfirmed and confirmed so just enjoy the power levels I'm giving out.

    Saga Character Power level Weights/forms
    Saiyan Goku 334 Weights
    Goku 416 None
    Piccolo 322 Weights
    Piccolo 408 None
    Raditz 1,500 None
    Special Beam Cannon 1480

    Gohan 1 none
    Gohan 1307 Enraged
    Vegeta 18,000 None
    Goku 5,000 Surpressed
    Goku 8,100 none
    Goku 16,200 Kaiokenx2
    Goku 24,300 Kaiokenx3
    Goku 32400 Kaiokenx4
    Piccolo 3,500 none
    Krillin 1770 none
    Gohan 981 None
    Masenko 2,800 none
    Yajirobe 970 none
    Chiaotzu 610 none
    Yamcha 1480 none
    Tien 1,830 none
    Saibamen 1,200 none
    Nappa 4,000 none
    Vegeta 180,000 Great Ape

    Vegeta 24,000 none
    Namekians 1,000 Surpressed
    Namekians 3,000 none
    Cui 18,000 none
    Dodoria 22,000 none
    Zarbon 23,000 none
    Zarbon 27,600…

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  • DukeofLies

    How Strong is Cooler?

    November 28, 2017 by DukeofLies

    Disclaimer note: This theory is based on non-canonical information and is merely a speculation. Constructive criticism is welcomed.

    The topic: Is Cooler really stronger than Frieza? How strong is Cooler? While this topic is long since dead, I thought I would revive it for shits and giggles after developing a reasonably solid theory.

    The Cooler movie is technanically non-canon and therefore doesn't fit in with the main story, but for arguments sake I have placed it within the same universe and timeline as the DBZ series. With this considered, it is likely the events within the movie took place some time after Goku returned from Namek and was in the process of training against the Android threat, just after the death of Mecha-Frieza and his fath…

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  • MeanBean-uwu


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  • TurboTriangle601

    SSJ = 50x

    SSJ2 = 100x

    SSJ3 = 200x

    Golden Oozaru - 500x (There's nothing that suggests that it's 10x SSJ3.)

    SSJ4 - 500x

    SSJG - 500x (I would make it 50x but that could contradict Xenoverse seeing as how it toke SSJ3 God-Ki Goku and the stronger Future Warrior's combined efforts to defeat Demigra so 500x makes sense.)

    FSSJ4 - 1,000x

    SSJB - 5,000x (In the manga, Whis stated that it's 10x stronger then SSJG.)

    Fusion Dance = B + B x 10

    Fusion Dance (Rival Boost) - B + B x 15

    Potara Fusion = A + B x 25

    Potara Fusion (Rival Boost) - A + B x 30

    EX Fusion Multipiler - A + B X 5

    EX Fusion Multipiler (Rival Boost) - A + B X 10

    Android 1617 - 4,500,000,000

    Android 1718 - 4,150,000,000

    Android 1920 - 1,175,000,000

    Android Saibaking - 2,650,060,000

    Arale 18 - 2,067,500,0…

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  • Cherry mystical saiyan

    the assassin hit is the most known assassin in all universes he is known for his reputational name never miss hit he never misses his targets he even bet goku so now lets see how he does in the universal tournament where all 13 universes fight so good luck hit and lets hope jiren is defeated . IF YOU WANT HIT TO BET JIREN LIKE AND PUT #LETSGOHIT OR IF YOU WANT JIREN TO WIN LIKE AND PUT #LETSGOJIREN

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  • Cheyenne Wilson

    the universes have at least one strongest fighter there is goku univers 7 hit univers 7 jiren and brianna and the list goes on but the danikishin is the most powerful and the children whis vados cus sour and others are stronger than the gods but then there is zeno no one can beat him they disrtibute power to all so basically i just answerd the question of most powerful #love zamaus fan

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  • TurboTriangle601

    Iwne - 5

    Arack - 7

    Mosco - 8

    Quitela - 8

    Champa - 8

    Sidra - 8

    Rumsshi - 8 (?)

    Beerus - 9

    Belmod - 9

    Geene - 9

    Heles - 11

    Liquiir - 13

    Awamo - 20

    Campari - 30

    Cukatail - 30

    Sour - 40

    Cognag - 40

    Vados - 40

    Whis - 40

    Mojtio - 40

    Cus - 40

    Martinu - 40

    Marcarita - 50

    Korn - 60

    Note: It doesn't necessarily have to be linear and you can interpret it any way you wish.

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  • TurboTriangle601

    Some Battle Powers

    November 7, 2017 by TurboTriangle601

    Note: This is under drastic reconstruction.

    Super Saiyan - 50x

    Super Saiyan 2 - 100x

    True Legendary Super Saiyan - 150x

    Strengthened Super Saiyan 2 - 200x

    Super Saiyan 3 - 200x

    Super Saiyan God - 300x

    Super Saiyan 4 - 500x

    Super Saiyan Blue - 600x

    Fusion Dance - A + A x 5

    Fusion Dance (W/Rival Boost) - A + B x 7.5

    Potara Fusion - A + B X 30

    Potara Fusion (W/Rival Boost) - A + B X 40

    Yamcha - 5,100

    Tenshinhan - 6,200

    Krillin - 90,000

    Son Gohan - 300,000

    Vegeta - 2,700,000

    Trunks - 3,600,000

    Son Goku - 4,400,000

    Mecha Freeza (50% Power) - 75,000,000

    King Cold - 80,000,000

    SS Trunks - 180,000,000

    SS Son Goku - 220,000,000

    Future Yamcha - 5,100

    "Future" Trunks - 50,000

    SS "Future" Trunks - 2,500,000

    Future Gohan - 3,200,000

    Future Gohan (Post-Training) - 3,400,000

    Future G…

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  • Gaming dude 178

    Write the first paragraph of your page here.

    Supe sayain god goku vs nuvoa shenron

    Based on how ssj god goku fights beerus I would say on how goku ssj god has fighted against beerus he would win I see nuvoa putting up a very good fight tho I think goku would use a few dragon fists before he eventually lost to goku ssj god is too much for him and I was talking about goku from BOG current ssj god goku stomps :D

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  • Michaelking123


    ssj 50xbase

    mastered ssj 75xbase

    ssj2 100xbase/2xssj


    ssg 9000xbase ( Ritual Has A set Value )

    ssb 15000xbase

    Golden Transformation 9400xbase( frieza race )

    SSrose 2xbase ( goku black ) full power 2.5xbase

    SSrage 10000xssj2 ( Trunks )


    Goku 750,000,000/ssj 37,500,000,000/ssj2 75,000,000,000/ssj3 300,000,000,000

    Beerus(less than 1% ) 500,000,000,000

    Vegeta 500,000,000/ssj2 50,000,000,000/Furious Mutation 400,000,000,000

    Tien 750,000

    Piccolo( weighted ) 7,000,000,000

    No.18 462,000,000

    Majin Buu 175,000,000,000

    Gohan ( Mystic ) 255,000,000,000

    Whis ( extremely suppressed ) 94,000,000,000,000

    Gotenks 1,600,000,000

    SSG Goku 32,500,000,000,000/Full Power 40,000,000,000,000/S.B.G. 40,000,000,000,000/SSJ God Fused 2,0…

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  • GreatNamekWarrior16

    I for one would definetly take Gohan SSJ2 just based off the raw power and destructive strength that he put upon Cell, but seeing Caulifa keep up with Goku in SSJ2 made me think again. We all know Goku's SSJ2 at this point is probably 10 times stronger than Gohans SSJ2 during the cell games. What's your take, Who's your pick?


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  • Coolwikis
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  • David102745

    Give Me Your Opinion

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  • Orion Invictus

    I see so many laughably wrong power level multipliers, like that one guy who just claimed SSB is 1 million times base power, so I'm going to put here what is actually known or can be reasonably ascertained based on the series' lore. I'll only be listing proper Super Saiyan transformations (no "False Super Saiyan", no power stressed/weighted buffs, etc.), with the exception of the Great Ape, since those are the ones most people care about, and the last one is relevant to SS4.

    Great Ape: 10x base power

    Super Saiyan 1: 5x Great Ape = 50x base power

    Super Saiyan 2: 2x Super Saiyan 1 = 10x Great Ape =  100x base power

    Super Saiyan 3: 4x Super Saiyan 2 = 8x Super Saiyan 1 = 40x Great Ape = 400x base power

    Golden Great Ape: 50x Great Ape = 500x base p…

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  • David102745

    In What Tier Is The Feat Of Goku And Jiren Shaking The WOV?

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  • Mysterymist the omnipotent interplanetary idiot

    okay, lets calculate how much warriors are left.

    • Toppo
    • Dypso
    • ====Jiren====

    • Goku
    • Vegeta
    • Gohan
    • Piccolo
    • Frieza
    • Android 17
    • Android 18

    • Cabba
    • Kale
    • Caulifia

    • Damon
    • Gamisaras
    • Monna

    • Brianne
    • Rozie

    As we know, it might take a while for the tornament to end, as before main goku vs jiren showdown, characters like frieza, toppo, kale, vegeta, damon, android 17 to be eliminated. Also, hit got eliminated, so....

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  • Kakariot3002

    its said that he did not die against vegeta but he blows up earth and whis says his species does not die when they blow up

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  • Camilopezo

    In this, my first blog, I will write the Tiers of the player characters of Dragon Ball Online at each stage of the game. (In my opinion)

    level 4 (9-A):  He/she can defeat a pterodactyl and several wolves.

    Level 9 (8-B): He/she can defeat Ox-Satan, Kid Chi-Chi and several dinosaurs.

    Level 14 (7-B): More or less as strong as Chi-Chi.

    TIme Machine Quest 2: High 5-C: They are a little weaker than Goku and Piccolo (Low 5-B)

    Time Machine Quest 4 (5-B): Working as a team they can defeat Nappa.

    Time Machine Quests 5-6 (5-B):  Working as a team they can defeat Dodoria, Zarbon, and the Ginyu Force.

    Papaya island: High 4-C?? In this dungeon they face several Cell Jrs, but in TMQ they still do not face Freezer.

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  • Michaelking123


    SSJ 50xbase

    SSJ2 100xbase/2xSSJ

    SSJ3 400Xbase/4xSSJ2/8xSSJ

    SSJB( SSGSS or Super Saiyan Blue) 15000xbase


    Goku/Vegeta 4,000,000,000-7,000,000,000

    Whis ( very suppressed ) 10,000,000,000

    Beerus (suppresed ) 65,000,000,000,000 ( This is up for debate, it really doesn,t matter but I assumed he was around here in case Frieza tried to attack him)

    Frieza Amry 600-15,000

    Sorbe 10

    Tagoma 5,000,000,000

    Gohan 50,000,000

    SSJ Gohan 2,500,000,000

    SSJ2 Gohan ( Anger ) 5,300,000,000

    Piccolo 2,000,000,000

    Tien 78,000,000

    Roshi 50,000

    Jaco 6,000

    Gotenks 400,000,000

    SSJ Gotenks 20,000,000,000

    Frieza ( first form ) 650,000,000

    Final Form Frieza 6,500,000,000

    Golden Frieza ( 100%) 62,000,000,000,000

    SSJB Goku 60,000,000,000,000

    Golden Frieza ( 75% ) 46,500,000,…

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  • Michaelking123


    ssj 50xbase



    SSJG 10000xbase(god ki infused)/54000 no god ki in base

    Power Levels

    Goku 750,000,000

    SSJ Goku 37,500,000,000

    SSJ2 Goku 75,000,000,000

    SSJ3 Goku 300,000,000,000

    Vegeta 500,000,000

    SSJ Vegeta 25,000,000,000

    SSJ2 Vegeta 50,000,000,000

    That's My Bulma SSJ2 Vegeta 500,000,000,000

    Krillin 25,000,000

    Tien 95,000,000

    No.18 425,000,000

    Piccolo 1,000,000,000

    Yamacha 1,000,000 ( doesn't really matter it's Yamacha )

    Majin Buu 175,000,000,000

    Gohan ( Ultimate form ) 235,000,000,000

    Beerus (1%) 625,000,000,000

    SSJG Goku (not mastered Power) 30,000,000,000,000

    Beerus (50%) 31,250,000,000,000

    Goku ( base god fused 4,000,000,000 )

    SSJ(SSJG) Goku 40,000,000,000,000

    Beerus 70% (This is not Beerus using all his powe…

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  • Salaalaa

    This is my accurate power levels list of Dragonball Z

    Dragonball Z power levels Raditz Saga

    Farmer- 5 Raditz (suppressed)- 1000 Krillin- 206 Master Roshi- 139 Gohan- 2 Goku (weights)- 330 Piccolo (weights)- 322 Goku- 416 Piccolo- 408 Goku kamehameha- 924 Raditz- 1200 Gohan (enraged)- 1307 Raditz (injured)- 900 Piccolo (1st SBC)- 1330 Piccolo (2nd SBC)- 1440 Yamcha- 177 Tien- 250 Chaoutzu- 135 Kingkai- 3500

    Vegeta& Nappa Arrives

    Nappa (suppressed)- 3500 Vegeta (suppressed)- 16 500 Saibamen- 1200 Piccolo (suppressed) - 1100 Gohan( suppressed) - 980 Krillin (suppressed)- 1000 Yamcha- 1480 Tien- 1830 Chaoutzu- 610 Krillin- 1770 Piccolo- 2800 Gohan- 1100 Nappa (less supp.)- 4000 Chaoutzu (selfdistr.)- 1800 Tien (injured,kikoho)- 2000 Goku (supp.)-…

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  • Gable Nino 81

    Hit vs buutenks

    October 7, 2017 by Gable Nino 81

    this would be interesting because hit cannot kill buu and buu (gotenks) probably isn't enough to KILL him

    I think hit would win with his time skip and a few key blasts but what do you guys think?

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  • Moneyjoe16

    I was over look a few episode of dragon ball z and epsiode 245, when goku went ssj3 for the first time in front of mujin buu. when goku tells mujin buu  "why do you let him boss you around your a thousands times stron then he is" then bobiid said to him self "thats thats the problem with cronies no matter how dumb they start off they all try to think for them self" so wouldnt that mean in the new dbx2 game the character  creation for mujins should say cronies instead cause thats the actually name of mujin buus race.

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