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Boogie Back () is the eighth ending song of Dragon Ball Super, playing from episodes 84 to 96. The song is performed by Miyu Innoue.


Japanese Romaji (TV size)

Boogie Back

Tobidashita timing

Narihibiku kurakushon

Nigawarai no showtime tada enjite

Kuruidashiteku yoru Dancing Dancing Heart

Nando demo Falling Falling down

(Boogie Back) Kimi wo oikakete

Mune no kodou hayaku naru

(Boogie Back) Setsuna ni koishita

Yume wo mou ichido

Boogie Back Boogie Back

Boogie Back Boogie Back

English (TV Size)

Boogie Back

The timing to leap out

The blaring horns

The bitter smile showtime, just acting

The night slowly goes crazy Dancing Dancing Heart

Over and over Falling Falling down

(Boogie Back) Chasing after you

The beating in my chest gets faster

(Boogie Back) I fell in love in a moment

Give me that dream once more

Boogie Back Boogie Back

Boogie Back Boogie Back


The characters in the eighth ending of Dragon Ball Super with this song, in order of appearance, are: