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Borgos, known as Toteppo (トテッポ Toteppo) in the original Japanese version, is the largest member of Bardock's Planet Elite Force.


Borgos is a tall, bulky, muscular Saiyan. He has big strands of black hair on the sides of his head, but not hair in the middle of his head. He has three small scars on his forehead. Like the rest of the Frieza Force, Borgos wears a variant of the Battle Armor. His battle armor is black with a light blue stomach plate, and yellow shoulder straps. He also wears a green Scouter, dark blue pants, and black cuffs above his hands.


An interesting note is that in the original Japanese dub of Bardock - The Father of Goku, Borgos is almost completely silent, the only exception being the battle cry he utters before being killed by Team Dodoria. In the Funimation dub, however, the character was given three extra lines, referencing becoming a Great Ape: "I'm with you Fasha. For me, it's like waking up from a dream. You kind of remember it all, but then it just slips away." He is a ruthless and skilled fighter but has a strong sense of camaraderie with his comrades and a sense of honor.



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Borgos kneeling with the rest of the Saiyans in front of Frieza

Borgos makes a cameo appearance when the Frieza Force appear on Planet Vegeta for the first time.

Bardock - The Father of Goku

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Borgos staring at the Kanassan general

A large, balding Saiyan best described as silent and having quite the appetite, Borgos is a low-class mercenary who works as part of a small platoon comprised of four other Saiyan soldiers (Bardock, Tora, Fasha, and Shugesh). Together, the five make a living by traveling to various planets where they decimate the defenses of these civilizations and prepare them for Frieza's planetary market.


Borgos rams at Dodoria

After clearing a society on Kanassa and returning to Planet Vegeta, Bardock, the team's leader, is placed in recovery. While he is still out of commission, the capable soldiers Borgos, Tora, Fasha, and Shugesh are instructed to clear the civilization of Planet Meat. Before long during their visit to the planet, the group encounters one of Frieza's most esteemed minions and his elites who, under Frieza's orders, betray and make short work of the Saiyans. Borgos and Tora last the longest against the elite warriors but Borgos is unfortunately finished off with a powerful punch to the face.


Video Games

According to Dragon Ball Carddass, Borgos' power level is 4,000.

Techniques and Special Abilities

Forms and Transformations

Great Ape

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Great Ape Borgos

As with all Saiyans with a tail, Borgos has the ability to transform into a Great Ape at the sight of a full moon (or another source of Blutz Waves). He used this ability while on Planet Kanassa.

Video Game Appearances


Borgos in Budokai 3

In Budokai 3, Borgos' face is shown when Bardock performs his Spirit of Saiyans.

Borgos' first appearance as a playable character is in Heroes.

Voice Actors


  • Borgos (Great Ape), Bardock (Great Ape), Tora (Great Ape), Fasha (Great Ape), and Shugesh (Great Ape) vs. Kanassan Commander and Kanassan warriors
  • Borgos, Fasha, Tora, and Shugesh vs. Team Dodoria


  • Totepo's original character name by Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru was Jagga (ジャッガ).[1]

Great Ape Borgos attacks Kanassans

  • In Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru's original character design for the movie, Borgos/Totepo was smaller than his final draft. His height was equal to about Bardock's height, instead of being taller like the final draft. He originally was bald, so the hair must have been added down the line to the final draft. He still had the same armor design as he does now. Surprisingly the only real differences were his height and hair (the scars on his head were also shown in the original draft). Akira Toriyama's reason for changing the design was because he wanted saiyans to have their own "distinguishing features".[1]
  • In his Great Ape transformation, Borgos does not appear to retain the scars noticeable on his untransformed body. However this is not unheard of; on the contrary the reverse appears more often in the series, where a character is wounded as a Great Ape, and upon their regression, are left with the battle scar (Vegeta's eye during his conflict with Goku, and Shugesh's cheek after an encounter with an offensive Kanassan, for example).
    • It is also possible that since Borgos is balding in his untransformed state, his fur merely covers the scars on his forehead in his Great Ape form, as he does not appear to have the same Great Ape receding hairline that Nappa (another bald Saiyan) does.



  • His original name is a pun on the word "potato".

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