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Directory: TechniquesSupportive techniques

Brain Drain is a technique used by Raiti and Zaacro that lets them read a person's mind.


Raiti and Zaacro use the Brain Drain on Bulma after she, Krillin and Gohan crash-landed on the wrong planet, mistaking it for the Namek. While this is a potentially very useful technique, it does have some problems because even though Raiti and Zaacro used the technique on Bulma, who had minor knowledge of the Namekian language, they still did not know the password to open Kami's spaceship. It is possible however that during the time they probe Bulma's thoughts and the time Raiti and Zaacro attempt to commandeer the ship, it ironically slipped their mind what the ship's controls were or that they clumsily failed to probe these controls out of her as they believed there to be nothing unique about the craft.

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