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Brainwash Attack is a mind control technique used by enemies under the influence of Dark Magic fought in Expert Missions in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2.


During Expert Missions, Time Patrollers may encounter enemies capable of brainwashing them or their allies by using this technique. This technique causes the victim to be brainwashed and attack their allies.


This technique can be overcome or dispelled in several ways. The first is when the victim is in the process of being brainwashed, it is possible to snap them out of it by hitting them physically. The second is if a victim falls under mind control, they can be freed by defeating them.

The third and final method is that the user can resist and free themselves by defeating a false doppelgänger of themself inside the mental realm known as the World of Mind Control.

The scenery may turn dark prior to an enemy using a Brainwash Attack, serving as a warning to allow the player to move out of range of the attack, though moving too far away will reduce the window of opportunity to snap allies out of mind control with a single hit.


  • It is unclear if this technique is a form of telepathy, magic, or both.