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Dr. Brief, Bulma and Panchy

The Brief family consists of eight known members, plus four confirmed extended members and an unspecified number of unnamed ones. This is one of the two families in the series to have Human and Saiyan bloodlines (the other being the Son family).

The family only possess the last name "Brief" in the English dub, in the original manga and Japanese version "Brief" is simply Bulma's father's name.



Vegeta, Trunks, and Bulma

The Brief family is introduced in the series with the character Bulma, whose name comes from the Japanese pronunciation of "Bloomers" (a relatively old fashioned type of underwear). As with Akira Toriyama's naming puns, all the names of associated characters are related to one another. The Brief family's naming theme is being named after types of undergarments.

The Briefs are noted as a family from West City in the series. Supporting the fact that the Briefs are a western family, the Brief's last name is placed after the individual's name, which is consistent with family names in Western culture in real life. Furthermore, the Brief family is seen to primarily dress in western styled clothing.

Bulma's family has had a laissez-faire attitude for generations, but Bulma has complete control over things as a rule.[1]

Due to Prince Vegeta's entry in the family through his relationship with Bulma and their two children Trunks and Bulla, the Brief Family is related to the Saiyan Royal Family, which includes Vegeta's father King Vegeta and his younger brother Tarble.

Family History

The Brief family originates from Bulma's side due to Vegeta being born as the first son from the Saiyan Royal Family from Planet Vegeta. The Brief family is know as the richest family in the world when Dr. Brief invents capsules in Age 720. Bulma is the second and youngest daughter of Dr. Brief and his wife, who already had a daughter, Tights, who left the family at age 16 and has been estranged from the family for several years with little to no contact at all since then. Since her teenage years, Bulma hoped to marry Yamcha but he became known for his promiscuity. Bulma and Vegeta met on Namek during the war with Frieza but because he was an enemy at the time, Bulma was scared of him. However, after Frieza's defeat, Bulma felt grateful to Vegeta for his help against Frieza and offered him to stay with her. During the first two years of him living on Earth, Vegeta was baffled by Bulma's concern for him, oblivious that she was developing feelings for him, especially after she breaks up with Yamcha. Ultimately, Vegeta and Bulma succumb to their passion and begin an affair, and he impregnates her.

The birth of Trunks is a waking point for both of them; Vegeta is unable to accept his half-breed son and ignores the child whereas Bulma proves to be a doting mother who loves her son dearly. Over the next year, Vegeta ignores and neglects Bulma and Trunks but Bulma ignores this treatment as she is too occupied caring for Trunks. However, after Cell is defeated, Vegeta and Bulma are able to reconcile for the sake of their child and they marry. They are able to form a genuine content and loving marriage, and Vegeta becomes civil with his in-laws, who accept him as part of the family. By the World Tournament Saga, Bulma becomes the new president of Capsule Corp., and expects Trunks to take over when he grows up. She complains about Vegeta never contributing to the family but he retorts he trains constantly to protect the family and the planet from enemies as it is his duty as a warrior. Vegeta takes it upon himself to train Trunks and later, with Bulma, pushes him to take over the family business. When Trunks becomes a teenager, Bulma gives birth to a girl named Bulla. Vegeta is swollen with love and pride for his daughter and spoils her while being strict but kind to Trunks. Upon reaching adulthood, Trunks becomes the president of Capsule Corp. but strives to be only the high-class warrior he was trained to become since childhood. By the year Age 880, the Brief family has only two known members, Bulma Leigh and her son, Vegeta Jr..

Family Tree

King Vegeta
Unnamed Mother
Dr. Brief
Unnamed Child
Bulma Leigh
Vegeta Jr.


Brief family members


Bulla, Bulma, Vegeta, and Trunks

Extended members


  • In Dragon Ball: The Path to Power, when Goku meets Bulma, he laughs and says she has a funny name, to which she replies "Don't you think I know that? It's a family name" which is a reference to her family naming scheme.
  • In the Dragonball Evolution video game, Bulma's last name is Enchanto.