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Bubbles (バブルス, Baburusu) is the monkey pet and friend of the North Kai. He serves a special purpose during King Kai's training lessons, particularly one of two endurance tests, where trainees are instructed to chase after Bubbles in an effort to catch him. Though the task may seem simple at first, there is a catch: the gravity on King Kai's planet is ten times that of Earth, and Bubbles is perfectly used to it.


Dragon Ball Z

Saiyan Saga

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When Goku finally arrived on King Kai's planet, he first thought Bubbles was King Kai and he thought he would have to act like a monkey to begin the training until the real King Kai shows up. Goku was then forced to catch Bubbles as part of King Kai's training. This forced Goku to push himself in a gravitation ten times that of the Earth.

Goku spends 40 days working on this test, while Piccolo, who is later killed by Nappa and is sent to train with King Kai in Other World, manages to catch Bubbles almost effortlessly (as during the year Goku spends running Snake Way and training with King Kai, Piccolo has been training both in solitude and with Gohan). This causes King Kai to outburst that Piccolo should know that Bubbles' test was not meant for him, but for Yamcha, Tien Shinhan and Chiaotzu.

Cell Saga

Main article: Cell Games Saga Bubbles is on King Kai's planet when Goku shows up with Cell. Cell is in the process of self-destructing. After Cell self-destructs, Bubbles is killed, along with Goku, King Kai, and Gregory. After their death, they are on Snake Way, but they notice that Cell was not there too. Cell regenerated and he returned to Earth to destroy it. Later, Cell is defeated by Goku's son, Gohan as a Super Saiyan 2 with Goku's encouragement while he is still on Snake Way. Afterwards, Bubbles, Gregory, King Kai, and Goku go to Grand Kai's planet.

Yo! Son Goku and His Friends Return!!

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Two years after Kid Buu's defeat, Bubbles is at Mr. Satan's banquet at his newly made hotel for defeating Buu along with King Kai and Gregory. The celebration is then crashed by a brother duo, Abo and Cado, whom are after Vegeta's brother, Tarble. The brothers are challenged by Goten and Trunks but they fail in defeating them. The brothers, merged as Aka, unleash a technique that destroyed the hotel. Aka is then defeated by Goku with a Kamehameha. After this encounter, they continue their feast.

Dragon Ball Super

God of Destruction Beerus Saga

Main article: God of Destruction Beerus Saga Bubbles is in King Kai's car with Gregory when King Kai tries to get Bubbles to laugh at his joke about peace and Goku teleports to King Kai's planet, causing him to crash into his house. When King Kai reminded Goku that he hasn't revived him since Cell blew up his planet, due to Goku's actions, King Kai, Gregory, and Bubbles were chasing after him trying to get him to revive him next.

Dragon Ball GT

Shadow Dragon Saga

Main article: Shadow Dragon Saga In Dragon Ball GT, Bubbles is seen with King Kai and Gregory on the roof of Grand Kai's mansion when King Kai assists Goku in forming the Universal Spirit Bomb to defeat Omega Shenron.

Film appearances

Plan to Eradicate the Super Saiyans

Broly - The Legendary Super Saiyan

In Dragon Ball Z: Broly - The Legendary Super Saiyan, Bubbles is concerned alongside King Kai with the arrival of the Legendary Super Saiyan, and in particular not only the destruction of the South Area of the Galaxy, but also the fact that the North Area of the Galaxy is next on the Legendary Super Saiyan's targets in the opening scene. In addition, Bubbles also appears during King Kai's meeting with Goku, where he helps clear off the table as Goku is preparing to find the trail for the Legendary Super Saiyan's Ki and then use Instant Transmission to intercept, although Bubbles eventually collapsed and destroyed several plates after Goku asked King Kai to show him the direction "south" was at due to forgetting. After the Legendary Super Saiyan, Broly, was seemingly killed by Goku, Bubbles is seen celebrating as King Kai acknowledges he is proud of Goku for accomplishing this.

Bojack Unbound

Main article: Dragon Ball Z: Bojack Unbound During scenes in the Other World where he is accompanied by King Kai, Goku and Gregory.


Main article: Dragon Ball Z: Bio-Broly He appears at the end of the movie Dragon Ball Z: Bio-Broly, on Grand Kai's planet, telling Goku that Broly is acting up in Hell, and that Pikkon and Goku need to take care of the situation.

Battle of Gods

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Bubbles eating a banana

Four years after the defeat of Kid Buu, Bubbles is back on King Kai's planet training with Goku. The planet is visited by the God of Destruction Beerus because he is in search of the Super Saiyan God. Goku challenges Beerus to a sparring match and the god accepts. After Goku is beaten by the God of Destruction Beerus with two easy hits, Beerus leaves for Earth to ask the Saiyans there about the Super Saiyan God and Bubbles gives Goku a Senzu, one he found on him.[1] King Kai warns Vegeta, telepathically, that Beerus is going to Earth and that he needs to keep him calm or destruction would come upon Earth. Goku stays on King Kai's planet to train and try to reach the level of Super Saiyan God. After a while, Goku travels back to Earth and takes on the Super Saiyan God form to combat Beerus. After Goku and Beerus fought again, Beerus spares Earth and returns home.


The movie pamphlet for Dragon Ball Z: The Tree of Might states that Bubbles has a power level of 1,000.

Techniques and special abilities

Video game appearances

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Bubbles in Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World

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  • The name for King Kai's pet Bubbles may be a reference to the late Michael Jackson's pet chimp, who is also named Bubbles.
  • Bubbles was the first to meet Goku on King Kai's planet.
  • Bubbles, Gregory, and a fish in Supreme Kai's flashback are the only animals to be shown in Other World.
  • Besides his face, Bubbles resembles the Saiyan Great Ape transformation, just much smaller.
  • Bubbles was not revived with the rest of Cell's victims, presumably because Shenron was instructed to "...revive all those on Earth killed by Cell". Since Bubbles lived and died in Other World, he would be exempt from the wish. In Dragon Ball Kai, Bubbles was revived along with Cell's other victims, unlike the original anime which he did not.
  • In the manga, Bubbles is the only one with King Kai on his planet.



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