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"Bulma, Goku, and the Dragon Balls" (ブルマと悟空とドラゴンボール, Buruma to Gokū to Doragon Bōru) is the first chapter of Dragon Ball SD.


After Bulma tells Goku about the Dragon Balls, they go to the beach to find one, and they also meet Turtle, who is upside down. Goku puts Turtle in the right sense, so Turtle brings Roshi to reward him. After Roshi gave Goku the Flying Nimbus, they are attacked by a Pilaf Machine. Goku breaks the robot's arm with his Power Pole, and Roshi destroys it with a MAX Power Kamehameha. After the Pilaf Gang ejected in time from the robot, Mai attempts to use a Rocket Launcher to attack the group, but Goku, imitating Roshi, inadvertently defeats the gang with a Kamehameha. Roshi gives Bulma his Three-Star Dragon Ball as a reward for their help. The Pilaf Gang is next seen floating in the sea, with Emperor Pilaf angry at his defeat and vowing to return.

Major Differences with Original Manga

  • The Giant Fish Goku catches in original version is not seen, thus Goku does not accuse Bulma's car of wanting his fish.
  • Bulma is not in the car when Goku lifts it.
  • When Bulma says she wishes for the perfect boyfriend, the Saiyans Vegeta, Nappa and Raditz are briefly seen on Frieza's spaceship, with Vegeta sneezing and feeling that somebody mentioned him.
  • The pterodactyl who kidnapped Bulma does not appear (he appeared in Dragon Ball SD chapter 1, kidnapping Krillin).
  • Goku and Bulma go directly to the beach, where they meet Turtle. Thus, they do not camp in Skull Valley, Goku does not remove Bulma's panties, and the Bear Thief does not appear.
  • Bulma does not show her panties to Roshi (though he still sees them).
  • When Goku successfully rides the Flying Nimbus, Bulma says he may be a pure kid now but he will become a filthy adult when he grow up, and an image of Goku proposing hot pics of Bulma to Old Kai is shown.
  • The Pilaf Gang spying Bulma and Goku (with a device similar to that of the invaders in Dr. Slump) and later attacking Roshi, Bulma and Goku on the beach was not in the original manga.