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Bunkai Teleport (分解テレポート)[1] is one of Janemba's techniques while in his transformed state. Stemming mostly, if not completely, from his power to control reality, Janemba in his final form has the ability to fade backward while he is breaking into cubes, very similar to Instant Transmission.



Janemba uses Bunkai Teleport to get behind Goku as part of the Cosmic Illusion

This ability actually pulls him through more portals, much like Illusion Smash, but requires him to separate into cubes first. This is supported when Vegeta fired a Ki Blast at the space Janemba just left, but the blast hit him where he reappeared as if it traveled with him.

Super Janemba also uses this technique to perform the Cosmic Illusion counterattack.

Appearances in games

Super Janemba uses the technique in Dragon Ball Z: Buu's Fury during the fight against him in Chapter 8 ("Janemba"). Super Janemba's teleportation technique was named Bunkai Teleport in Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2.



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