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The Bunny costume is a revealing outfit for females that resembles a bunny.


Dr slump private club

In Dr. Slump

The costume has six pieces: a black headband with black rabbit ears (hence the name), a white shirt collar with a red bowtie, a black leotard with a white cotton tail, a pair of blue tights, a pair of red high heels with ankle-straps, and a pair of white shirtcuffs.

Oolong had stored this in his House-Wagon. Bulma had no choice but to wear this as it was the only clean clothes around that fit her. When Master Roshi extinguishes Fire Mountain with the Kamehameha, Oolong is forced by Bulma to briefly Shapeshift into Bulma wearing the Bunny costume to fool Master Roshi, who wanted to touch Bulma's breasts as payment for extinguishing the flames on Fire Mountain, however her plan backfires when Oolong (in Bulma's form) goes overboard and ends up exposing her breasts to Roshi, angering Bulma. The costume also made people in Monster Carrot's Village think that Bulma was part of the Rabbit Mob.

Two random women are also seen wearing them in one of Master Roshi's daydreams.

Closing In - Bunny costume

Billboard showing three women in bunny costumes

In the Dragon Ball Z episode "Closing In", there is a billboard showing three women wearing a bunny costume, albeit without the blue tights, red bowtie, and ankle-straps. Also, their high-heels are black and the bunny ears are white.

Angels de l'Infern

The Angels of Hell fairy in bunny costume

In Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’, along with the Angels of Hell there is an attractive female fairy wearing a traditional black colored bunny costume.

Other mediaEdit

Dr. SlumpEdit

Penguin Village Middle School has a gentleman's club which has a blonde woman wearing this costume in Dr. Slump, but instead of blue tights, the woman has fish nets.

Video Game appearancesEdit

Bulma is seen wearing it in Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure and in Dragon Ball: Origins. In Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2, one of the six costumes Bulma can be seen wearing at the capsule shop is the Bunny costume.


  • The bunny costume is rather infamous for its role as the official uniform for the female workers at the Playboy Mansion in real life.
  • In the dub for the scene where Bulma is forced to wear the bunny costume, she at one point asks sarcastically if it was Easter, alluding to the Easter Bunny, a mythical character that is purported to deliver Easter Eggs during the Easter holiday season.


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