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Buu the Bodyguard is the thirteenth level in the what-if saga in the video game Dragon Ball: Raging Blast.


Mr. Satan decides to give Good Buu the job of being Videl's bodyguard and keeping all men away from her. When Yamcha talks to Videl, Buu attacks him thinking he's hitting on Videl. Gohan then appears wanting to talk to Videl who tells him to stay away from Buu. Buu defeats Gohan but goes away when Videl shouts at him. At that moment, Kid Buu somehow appears and Videl is helpless against him. Good Buu then appears to help her and amazingly defeats Kid Buu. Videl then promises Buu some chocolate making it a good day for Buu.


  • Good Buu vs. Yamcha
  • Good Buu vs. Gohan
  • Videl & Good Buu vs. Kid Buu


  • Good Buu
  • Videl
  • Yamcha
  • Gohan
  • Kid Buu
  • Mr. Satan (mentioned)