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Cabira and Toobi

Cabira's race is a race of fish-like humanoids whose Chilled's henchmen Cabira was part of. While in the Manga version Cabira seems to have gills in his shoulders and legs, in the Anime adaption Cabira looks more like a reptile.

This race shares some traits like Cui's race such as: the same head shape, ear style, lack of nose and thick lips, however their measurements and eyes kinds remind these of Burter's race. Their head also has fin-like part in the center of its top. This makes the race one of the oldest members of the Galactic Frieza Army.

In Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ - Special One Shot, another soldier of this race is shown working under Sorbet and Frieza, assisting the tyrant among the army of 1,000 henchmen who came to Earth to get Frieza's revenge on the Z Fighters.


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