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Calling the Eternal Dragon (出でよ超神龍!! ボクの願いをかなえたまえ, Ideyo Cho Shenron!! Boku no Negai wo Kanaetamae) is the fifth episode of the Captain Ginyu Saga and the seventy-second overall episode in the uncut Dragon Ball Z series. The episode first aired on December 19, 1990. Its original American air date was September 16, 1999.


Vegeta attacks Frieza's spaceship and kills the last of Frieza's guards, but fails to find the Dragon Balls when the guards refuse to tell him where they are. In the meantime, Vegeta cleans himself up and acquires some new battle armor. Meanwhile, Captain Ginyu and Jeice fly towards the ship, with Ginyu showing off his new power and speed in Goku's body. Goku, meanwhile, struggles hard to keep up inside Ginyu's injured, and much bulkier body.


Jeice and Ginyu in Goku's body

Inside the ship, Vegeta uses the opportunity to wash up and gets changed, amazed at how fast the Senzu Bean healed him. Gohan and Krillin arrive at the ship and Vegeta spies on them from behind the ship. With the Dragon Radar, Krillin and Gohan locate the Dragon Balls and dig them up. They try to summon the Eternal Dragon, but when nothing happens, they remember they need a password. Then, they feel Captain Ginyu and Jeice coming and hide behind a rock. When Ginyu and Jeice arrive, and Krillin understandably believes that it is Goku, apparently having defeated Ginyu and won Jeice's allegiance, but Gohan quickly deduces from Ginyu's strange mannerisms that it is not Goku, especially when Ginyu strikes Krillin across the face for no reason. They find out it is not Goku. Ginyu proceeds to attack Gohan and Krillin until Goku finally arrives and explains the situation. Watching all this, Vegeta is shocked, but does not step in.

Goku tells them that they can defeat Ginyu because he does not know the secret of Goku’s body. Ginyu laughs it off and begins powering up, convinced he can reach Goku's 180,000 power level.


  • For their release of the Captain Ginyu Saga, FUNimation did not include recaps or even the lone next episode preview that are usually found on their individual discs. This is because episodes 54-56 aired in a slightly edited form on Toonami to make up for the place at which episode 53 had been edited to stop. To make up for this, FUNimation created new recaps for half of the Captain Ginyu Saga until the footage began to sync up to the Japanese version by episode 57. Therefore, the recaps seen in the TV version of episodes 54-56 are different from the recaps seen on later DVD and Blu-ray releases.
  • When thinking about Ginyu in Goku's body, Vegeta refers to Goku as "Goku" and not "Kakarot" as he usually does.
  • Just before Ginyu, using Goku's body, strikes Krillin, Jeice can be seen performing a Prayer Cross.
  • In the original FUNimation dub, Vegeta cracks that killing Frieza's leftover guards will be "easier than coloring inside the lines," but in the Remastered edition, it is changed to being "easier than [I] thought."


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