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Campari (カンパーリ Kanpāri) is the attendant and martial arts teacher of Mosco. He appears in Dragon Ball Super during the Universe Survival Saga.



Since Mosco can only communicate through electronic sounds, he has the duty to translate what is he saying.

Unlike many other angels who are usually unfazed by events, Campari like Ea was scared and hid behind Mosco when Narirama charged at the three of them possible didn't expect that to happen.

During the Tournament of Power, he is visibly confident on his Universe's modified warriors, however, unlike most other Angels, he is genuinely frustrated or shocked when they're outmatched and ultimately knocked out such as Narirama and Maji Kayo.


Dragon Ball Super

Universe Survival Saga

Main article: Universe Survival Saga Campari, alongside Mosco and Ea, attended the Zen Exhibition Match. Since Mosco can only communicate through beeping sounds, he has to translate what he is saying. Later on, Nigrisshi shows him Narirama's functions. During the Tournament of Power, he is semi-shocked when Narirama' Super Survival Mode was stopped by Hit and Basil.


Being Mosco's martial arts teacher, it can be assumed Campari is stronger than him, making him the strongest being in Universe 3. However, as he was seen hiding behind his lord for safety, it can equally be assumed that Mosco is actually stronger (or at least more resilient) than the angel.

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  • Like all Gods of Destruction and Angels, Campari's name is a pun of a type of alcohol. Campari's name is a pun of the Italian liqueur of the same name.



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