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"As this is the first chance we've had to fight or what not, I'll be gentle."
— "Losers Fight First"

Caroni (カロニー, Karonī) is one of Mr. Satan's top two students. He is tall with long blonde hair and has a ladies-man attitude. The only attack of his shown is Beautiful Flying Rose Attack, which he uses against Perfect Cell.



It seems that he is a popular martial artist among women. His manager Miss Piiza explains that as a master of Kuuchuu-Sappou [mid-air killer kenpou], he is even capable of catching a flying swallow. He has the sort of snobbish personality as to scatter roses before fighting.[1]

Dragon Ball ZEdit

Cell SagaEdit

Main article: Cell Games Saga



Caroni fights Perfect Cell first in the Cell Games only to be easily thrown from the ring from Perfect Cell's energy. Mr. Satan states Caroni was like the son he never had and that he would never live up to his father. Saying that he is like the son he never had implies that he is not related to Mr. Satan, but is one of his best students.


Caroni prepared for the battle

Caroni watches the entire battle between Cell and the Z Fighters. At first, he doubts that Cell is capable of such power. But as Cell devastates the entire arena, he is convinced along with Pirozhki that he heavily underestimated the magnitude of Cell's strength. As Mr. Satan doubts Cell's power, Caroni becomes frustrated as to how his mentor can still feel that way after witnessing Cell's strength first-hand even incredulously yelling, "I can't believe you're still saying that!" after Mr. Satan still claims it is a trick. However, Caroni and Pirozhki both remain loyal to Mr. Satan, and even when Mr. Satan takes credit for defeating Cell, Caroni sticks with him.

Dragon Ball SuperEdit

Battle of Gods SagaEdit

Main article: Battle of Gods Saga


Caroni using the lights for Mr. Satan's interview

He is seen along with Miss Piiza shinning lights over Mr. Satan during a press meeting at Satan House.

Resurrection ‘F’ SagaEdit

Main article: Resurrection ‘F’ Saga

Techniques and special abilitiesEdit

  • Beautiful Flying Rose Attack – Caroni jumps up high in the air and comes flying down to assumably ram his opponent. We never really know how this move is finished off as Caroni never fully completed this attack. The only time Caroni is shown using this technique is against Perfect Cell, to no avail, as Cell is able to increase his power and send Caroni flying high into the air.

Video game appearancesEdit

The Hercule Exhibit #12 in Dragon Ball Z: Buu's Fury is the Caroni Action Figure. It is found in a cave on the volcano north of Nataday Village. The in-game description for this item is: "Hercule's student Caroni is ready for action in this fully articulated action figure! WARNING: May contain small parts. Not for children under three."

Voice actorsEdit


  • Caroni is a pun on macaroni, a variety of noodle.
  • His name is from a River of Venezuela (Río Caroní)
  • Caroni is very similar to Jewel (from the World Tournament prior to the Majin Buu Saga) and Nareg (from the tournament after the Buu saga) in terms of the way he behaves and his mannerisms, who all employ a similar "romantic" attitude and dress style.
  • Caroni is similar to Kurama from YuYu Hakusho and Pisces Aphrodite from Saint Seiya. They all have a romantic attitude and dress style, Even the Pisces character refers to himself as "the Soldier of Beauty" (美の戦士 (びのせんし) Bi no senshi). Also they show elegant and somewhat feminine traits. Kurama is voiced by John Burgmeier, the same actor for Caroni, in the English dub. Also, all of them are often seen carring roses on their mouths.


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