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Catopesra (カトペスラ Katopesura) is a warrior from Universe 3 and a member of Team Universe 3. He is a policeman that protects his universe.[1]


Maskless Katpesra

Catopesra's unmasked look

Catopesra is a modified warrior wearing a blue with white suit that has a visor helmet and he has a large P on his chest.He wears yellow gloves, yellow boots and he has a beltbuckle which glows and enables him to change to different modes.[1]

Without his helmet he is shown to have blue skin, white hair, and he wears sunglasses.


Catopersa seems to be calculative, and fairly strategic. As shown when he, along with Biarra, created and executed a somewhat elaborate plan to ambush Jiren.


Dragon Ball Super

Universal Survival Saga

Main article: Universe Survival Saga Catopesra appeared on Mosco's planet hidden in the shadows, and was then seen alongside his team at the Tournament of Power. When the tournament began, he fought Hop, and was later blasted away by Frieza.

During the struggle between Jiren, and Goku's Universe 7's Spirit Bomb, Catopersa was seen clashing with Pilina of Universe 6, while standing next to Biarra, who was fighting Saonel. Later on in the Tournament, Catopersa was seen squaring off with Cabba, but Cabba lost Catopersa in the dust. When the tournament was halfway over, and after Jiren had defeated Hit, Catopersa and Biarra plotted to ambush Jiren while he was in mediation. As a distraction to lure Toppo and Dyspo away from Jiren, Biarra challenged the two Pride Troopers to a fight. While the two of them were rushing at Biarra, Biarra yelled at Catopersa to go attack Jiren, as now was his chance since he was unguarded, and deep in mediation. Surprised, Toppo and Dyspo immediately stopped their rushing assault and looked behind them, as Catopersa went in and attempted to attack Jiren. Catopersa was not powerful enough to breakthrough the protective shield Jiren had projected on himself however, immediately repelling him. Catopersa and Biarra were then confronted by Toppo and Dyspo, where the former told Catopersa why he could not harm Jiren.


Manga and Anime

Catopesra was modified in preparation for the Tournament of Power.

When the Tournament of Power began, Catopesra was able to match Hop in combat. He was no match for Final Form Frieza. He was't strong enough to break through Jiren's barrier.

Statements by authors and guidebooks

Catopesra is a key player for Team Universe 3 during the Tournament of Power.


Voice actors

  • Japanese: Yūsei Oda[2]
  • English: TBA



  • Catopesra's name comes from the Italian word pescatora.
  • He appears to be inspired by Tatsunoko super hero Hurricane Polymar.



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