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Cell 17 (セル17号 Seru Jū Nana-Go) is the EX-Fusion of Cell and Android 17 introduced in Dragon Ball Fusions.


According to his profile he is the ultimate man made warrior due to being the ultimate machine mutant and ultimate android combined.


  • Cell 17's appearance is mixture of Super 17's appearance and Cell's appearance when Super 17 isn't even a fusion material/fusee of this fusion. His profile also references him as being the fusion of the ultimate machine mutant and ultimate android.
    • However it is possible that Perfect Cell retains some aspects of Android 17 make-up as a result of his previous absorption of 17 and 18, which reacts in a similar manner to Hell Fighter 17 when Cell fuses with 17 (as Super 17 is created through the fusion of Hell Fighter 17 and the original Android 17).