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Cell Games Begin is the fourth level of the Android Saga in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3.


Goku is the first person to fight Cell and proves the effectiveness of his training. After a long battle Goku decides to forfeit and lets Gohan fight. Gohan then uses his full power to defend against Cell and defeat him... for now.

Alternate endings

If the player defeats Cell as Goku then the battle will end. If Goku is beaten fast enough but not defeated completely Mr. Satan will appear and defeat Cell.


  • Super Saiyan End Goku
  • Perfect Cell
  • Vegeta (voice)
  • Trunks (voice)
  • End Piccolo (voice)
  • Krillin (voice)
  • Super Saiyan Teen Gohan
  • Mr. Satan (What-If)
  • ZTV announcer (voice)