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"Cell Kills Gunman" is a Dragon Ball Z theme. It is featured in Best of Dragon Ball Z: Volume 6 - The Lost Tracks of DBZ. The drumbeat was first heard in "Cell Kills Man" when Cell absorbs the richest man in Gingertown.



A gunman absorbed by Cell

  • When Imperfect Cell introduces himself to Piccolo after absorbing energy from Piccolo's arm.
  • When Imperfect Cell kills the gunmen on TV, while a girl and her brother Tommy hide.
  • When Imperfect Cell finds Piccolo and Android 17 on the Tropical Islands (albeit with a slowed down beat near the end).
  • When Krillin faces Imperfect Cell.
  • When Imperfect Cell analyzes that bees die without their stingers whan Android 16 rips off his tail.
  • When Android 16 slams Imperfect Cell into the ground.
  • After Cell achieved his Semi-Perfect form.
  • When Semi-Perfect Cell prepares the Galick Gun against Super Vegeta.

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