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Central City
DebutManga: "World Domination"
Anime: "Siege on Chow Castle"
RulerKing Furry
King Piccolo (ruled briefly)
Smaller LocationsKing Castle
Neighboring RegionsGinger Town
Gizard Wasteland

Central City (中の都) is the main capital city of Earth and is where the king of the world, King Furry, resides.


Central City is, most possibly, the largest populated city on Earth and is also the location of King Castle, King Furry's main residence. The city appears to house the King's strongest military organization, the King's Guard.

It was first seen when King Furry's anniversary was being celebrated by the locals, sometime in Age 753. King Piccolo soon arrived and terrorized the city, destroying Furry's men and also holding the king captive. During Goku's duel against King Piccolo, the demon lord obliterated the city's landscape with his Explosive Demon Wave technique. In spite of this, the city was later re-forged in Age 756 following King Piccolo's miraculous defeat at the hands of Goku. However, at some point in Age 790, the city would be placed in jeapordy once more, serving as the final battlefield for the Z Fighters in their concluding bout against Omega Shenron during his attack on planet Earth.

Notable Residents

Video Games

The last level of Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure is the destroyed ruins of the King's Castle with King Piccolo at the end as a boss. King Piccolo is also fought here in Dragon Ball: Revenge of King Piccolo.

It is featured as a stage in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3.


  • In the FUNimation dub, it is incorrectly referred to as the "Eastern Capital".
  • Central City also shares its name with the home city of DC Comics' superhero, the Flash. Whether or not this was an intentional reference is unknown.

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