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Chamel (シャメル), the Dark Demon God Hero, is a member of the Demon Realm race and is allied with the Dark Empire.

Dark Demon God Hero is a playable Demon Realm race avatar in the Japanese arcade game Dragon Ball Heroes.



Chamel appears somewhat similar to a young version of Demigra.


Chamel's name comes from béchamel sauce.


Ultimate Mission X

Main article: Ultimate Mission X Chamel is an antagonist in Ultimate Mission X and the partner of Demigra, though he disagrees with Demigra's methods, believing that a warrior should only use their own strength.


Strongest Chamel

Chamel after being powered up by Demigra

Chamel's power is comparable to Makyouka Form Demigra, when Demigra adds his magical power and the energy from the Time-Space Door into Chamel he becomes so powerful that his simple presence causes the world to begin collapsing. After Chamel is defeated by Goku and the warrior from another world, Goku notes that in terms of strength Chamel is the strongest. Chamel is easily defeated by Demon God Dabura.

Forms and power ups

Demon God avatar

Demon God Chamel

Chamel can use the Class-up and Super Class-up, however his appearance does not alter.

God Class-up

Main articles: God Class-up and Demon God Chamel, along with the other avatars, can use the God Class-up state in-game of Dragon Ball Heroes. This state is comparable to the Super Saiyan God level of power.