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Chaotic Dead End (カオティックデッドエンド) is a powerful Death Beam attack used by Cooler. It is the combination of his Death Laser and Particle Bomb techniques.[1]


Saying "Time for your punishment!" or "Take this", the user shoots a Death Beam through the opponent's chest, impaling them. Then, while laughing, he finishes by shooting several Particle Bombs at the falling opponent, inflicting a huge amount of damage.

Frieza uses a similar attack during an anime-only segment. He uses it to kill one of the three Warrior-type Namekians who came at Grand Elder Guru's house to help Nail. After using the Whirlwind Blow, Frieza catches one of the Namekians by the neck and begins to strangle the warrior, before letting the Namekian fall and hitting with a Death Beam.[2]


Chaotic Dead End's last stage.

Cooler uses the Chaotic Dead End on Piccolo in the movie Dragon Ball Z: Cooler's Revenge. When Piccolo proves more than a match for Salza, Cooler announces that he does not want to waste anymore time. Cooler orders Salza to go after the kid and attacks Piccolo by sending the severely injured and stunned Namekian to the ground (as Piccolo mistakes Cooler for Frieza and is shocked at Frieza's "survival"). Cooler later uses it one last time when he drops Piccolo's comatose body to Goku after saying "What mercy?" after Salza claims that Cooler will have Goku be at his mercy, and then shoots the attack on Piccolo before Goku can catch Piccolo, to the Saiyan's horror and rage.

Appearances in games

"Chaotic Dead End" was named in Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2, where it appears as Cooler's Ultimate Attack in his base form. The Death Beam attack is named Death Laser and the exploding energy spheres are called Particle Bomb in Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z, where they appear as Unique Attacks of Cooler in his base form.