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Cheelai (チライ Chirai)[2] is a Frieza Force soldier who joined following the Tournament of Power.


She is a white haired humanoid with green skin and a slender build. She wears a white and purple outfit with a green half circle under her chest, white gloves concealing purple rings on her cuffs and white and green shoes with long purple socks. Her eyes are purple and her hair is short. She also wears a blue scouter.


Cheelai is a delinquent who acts on emotions, helping out people without thinking of the potential consequences.[3] As shown when she stole and destroy Paragus' remote and not listening to his explanation. But she is insightful. She and Lemo form a friendship with Broly. She takes a dislike to Paragus due to his harsh treatment of his son Broly. She theorizes that Broly doesn't like to fight and that Paragus only seems him as a weapon. She noted that Broly's fighting prowess was greater than she imagined. She blamed Paragus for Broly's berserker tendencies and said that her heart goes out to him.



Cheelai had never seen Frieza, only ever hearing rumors of him, after stealing a Galactic Patrol spaceship, she joined the Frieza Force to escape her pursuers.[4]

Film Appearances


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Techniques and Special Abilities


  • Ray Gun - A gun that fire laser beams capable of massive damage to a normal being, but useless to one with a higher power level.
  • Scouter - A wearable, all-purpose computer.

Video Game Appearances

In Super Dragon Ball Heroes, Cheelai is introduced in the sixth mission of the Universe Mission series (UM6).

In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 as part of the Extra Pack 4 DLC, Cheelai's Super Soul is called "'I can't have you dying on me!" which can be obtained in New Parallel Quest: "The Ultimate Legendary Super Saiyan". In its description, her name is localized as Chirai.

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  • Cheelai's name is derived from the word Raichi ("Lychee") thus she shares her name origin with Dr. Lychee.



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