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"Well not me. I'll hide from them. I will."
— Chico in "Plight of the Children"

Chico is a little orphan girl who meets Gohan in the filler episode "Plight of the Children".


Dragon Ball Z

Vegeta Saga

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Chico with her friends

Along with her brother Rom, Chico discovers the young Gohan washed up on a beach. She is the youngest of all the orphans in the clan led by Pigero. She lives alongside many other orphans such as Ena, Jinku, Hacchi, and Yordon. Later in the episode, she is taken back to an orphanage when the police and orphanage workers capture the kids.

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  • Chico vaguely resembles Chuu Lee from the Dragon Ball filler episode "Quicker Than Lightning". They both share a similar body form and the same double bun hairstyle. They also wear Chinese-style tops with sweat pants underneath. Despite these, Chuu Lee seems older than Chico. Also, while Chico's hair is black and her top ends at her hips, Chuu Lee's hair is a bright red and her top goes down her legs to her ankles.
  • Chico is a girl, but her name ironically means "boy" in Spanish.