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Cho-Zets☆Dynamic! (超絶☆ダイナミック! Chōzetsu☆Dynamic!) is the first opening theme of Dragon Ball Super, playing from episode 1 to episode 76. The song is performed by Kazuya Yoshii in both Japanese and English.


Japanese Romaji Lyrics (TV size)

Itsuka togireta

Yume no tsudzuki hajimeyou

Hoshi o tsunagete

Sora ni tobira kakeba ii

Arata na suteeji wa

Kami ni idomu basho

Kyouretsu ☆ Mouretsu ☆ Dainamikku!

Let’s Go! Go! Daipanikku

Makeru to tsuyokunaru

Minohodo shirazu ni wa

Koukai toka genkai toka nai mon

Souzetsu ☆ Chouzetsu ☆ Dainamikku!

Let’s Go! Yes! renda kikku

Abisete mushaburui

Sugee koto ga matterun da ze

English Translation Lyrics (TV size)

Let’s start the continuation

Of the dream that was once interrupted

Just draw a door in the universe

Connecting the stars altogether

And the brandnew stage will be

The place where we challenge the gods

Intense ☆ Violent ☆ Dynamic!

Let’s Go! Go! A huge panic

Losing makes us stronger

Not knowing our place means that we have

No regrets, limits or anything like that

Sublime ☆ Super ☆ Dynamic!

Let’s Go! Yes! A barrage of kicks

I give, trembling with excitement

An awesome story is waiting for us

Japanese Lyrics (TV size)


夢の続き 始めよう


宇宙に扉 描けばいい




Let’s Go! Go! 大パニック!



後悔とか限界とか 無いもん


Let’s Go! Yes! 連打キック


スゲエ物語が 待ってるんだぜ

Official English Version Lyrics (TV size)

Don't you wanna dream again?

Now it's calling for me go back to the start

Wishing on the starlights

In the sky, let's paint a door for tomorrow

Just step on the new stage don't be shy

Gonna take the challenge of god


Let's! Go! Go! Big panic

I don't care bout limits, no regrets

Make me tougher even though I lose

Nothing' gonna stop me no mo' try me


Let's Go! Yes! Give a kick

Keep on going power pumpin' up

something greater waiting not so far away

Portuguese Dub Lyrics

Esta estória vai vibrar.

Dentro do teu coração vais encontrar

Toda a força para lutar,

E os amigos lá estarão para te ajudar.

Nada nos vai fazer separar,

Ou os Deuses desafiar.

Alma, Garra e Coração

E vai! Vai! És Super Guerreiro

Com a força de um Deus!

Não há nada que nos vá parar,

O destino está nas nossas mãos.

Viva, Viva com Paixão

E vai! Vai! Mas nunca esqueças

A lenda do Dragão.

Vamos ser Heróis a lutar contra o Mal!


The characters in the first version opening of Dragon Ball Super with this song, in order of appearance, are: