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"Listen, if you happened to spot a little boy, you'd be sure to let us know."
— Red Ribbon Soldier unto some villagers whose house had been destroyed

Cold Reception (北の少女スノ Kita no Shoujo Suno, lit. "The Girl of the North, Sno") is the seventh episode of the Red Ribbon Army Saga and the thirty-fifth episode in the Dragon Ball series. The episode first aired on October 22, 1986.



Goku's assault on the Muscle Tower

Goku is being dragged through the snow by some little girl. She drags a frozen Goku to her house and sets him by the fire, and she then gives him a hot drink. The girl's name is Suno. Two particular thugs from the Red Ribbon Army (a human sergeant and a dog soldier) are going house to house, terrorizing each place, looking for Goku. They eventually find Goku in the bathroom, and try to kill him. He comes out of the bathroom and beats them up; it is implied that Goku kills them, as the dog soldier spontaneously fires his gun after his defeat in what appears to be rigor mortis (the tightening of the muscles in a dead body). Suno and her mother explain, the Red Ribbon Army is treating villagers like slaves, and making them search for Dragon Balls, and if they do not work, then they will kill their village chief, who they have captured. Goku promises to save the Village Chief, and storms Muscle Tower, where General White has set up headquarters.


Goku vs. Red Ribbon Soldiers


Character Name FUNimation Original Japanese
Goku Stephanie Nadolny Masako Nozawa
General White Kyle Hebert Tesshō Genda
Red Ribbon Sergeant Justin Cook Kozo Shioya
Red Ribbon Soldier 1 (dog) Steve Sanders Ryoichi Tanaka
Additional Red Ribbon Soldiers
Suno Susan Huber Naoko Watanabe
Suno's Mother Julie Mayfeild Reiko Suzuki
Elderly Couple
Narrator Brice Armstrong Joji Yanami


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