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Combined Energy Ball (ダブル攻撃) is an attack used by several duo of villains in Dragon Ball Z. It is a combination of two energy balls.



Android 15 and Android 14 create a Combined Energy Ball

The first use of this technique in the series is from Salt and Mustard when fighting on Kami's Lookout: the two Spice Boys combine two red energy spheres (their Salt Break and Mustard Break) and fire it at Gohan.[3] In the same Garlic Jr. Saga, Spice and Vinegar create their Sugar Ignite and Vinegar Cannon for a team attack, but are interrupted by Piccolo they combine their energy spheres.

Later, Android 15 and Android 14 use the attack to blow up the building where Goku and his family are at the beginning of the movie Dragon Ball Z: Super Android 13!

Goku and Vegeta also use a similar attack twice against Super Buu: the first is used to try counteract the Ultimate Cannon launched by Super Buu,[4] and the second is used to blast one of his clones in the dimension existing within Buu's own body.[5]

Goku Black and Future Zamasu use a combined Black Power Ball several times in Goku and Vegeta's travels to the future. First shown when combined to finish Future Trunks and Goku.



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