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Conton City

Conton City seen from above in Xenoverse 2

Conton City, formerly known as Toki Toki City is an exclusive city featured in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. It was originally known as Toki-Toki City up until Age 850 but changed in Age 851. It also appears in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 The Manga.



Toki Toki City before being reconstructed into Conton City

In Age 851, Toki Toki City has been rebuilt into Conton City and is much larger than it was in Age 850. Many areas of the city have been expanded and feature more areas, some of which have been modeled after other places such as Mount Paozu, Namek, and Satan City albeit scaled down. Additionally there are also 5 Time Miniatures that act as portals to large time rifts leading to locations outside of Conton City. Due to the size of Conton City, Time Patrollers such as the new Future Warrior can use vehicles to get around or teleport around the city using Transfer Shop Robots. Time Patrollers can also use Flight to fly around in Conton City, though they are required to possesses a License in order to do so, as flying around without one inside Conton City is against the law. Additionally, according to the opening Time Patroller recruitment video, it is also illegal to fire energy attacks within city limits. Flying Licenses are awarded to Time Patrollers in recognition of them attaining elite status. The Future Warrior achieves this by defeating Frieza and Cooler in the main story and is awarded their license by Chronoa who states it means they are no longer considered an apprentice. This indicates all the Time Patrollers flying over Conton City have achieved Elite status and attained their license (presuming that none of them are flying illegally).

Conton City Dragon

The giant Dragon accidentally created by Chronoa when she used her power to animate the Dragon Ball Pedestal's dragon statue

According to Namekian Time Patroller Sarla, back when Conton City was still known as Toki Toki City, there was a rumor going on around town as people had began wondering just how powerful divine beings such as Chronoa and Elder Kai truly were. Once Elder Kai and Chronoa heard the rumor they decided to give a demonstration of their power and showed people how mighty and powerful they truly were. One of the things Chronoa did was imbue her strength into the dragon on the Dragon Ball Pedestal, causing it to grow in size and begin to move as if it were alive. As Toki Toki City was already overrun with time rifts, the dragon's appearance was the final straw pushed Toki Toki City over the edge, resulting in its destruction. The Supreme Kai of Time decided it would be faster to create a new city over the ruins of the old one and thus Conton City was born, though one of the Namekian farmers in the Ajisa District mentions occasionally finding remnants of the original city while tending his fields. The animated dragon statue created by Chronoa can be also seen floating in the skies North of Conton City.

"This is Conton City seems like such a nice place. Far to good for a bunch of worms like you... I'm sure I could put it to much better use. But before I get started... you all need to die."
— Frieza during his army's siege of Conton City in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

After the Version 1.04.00 Update, the Frieza Force may invade during the Frieza Siege Event, where Conton City is invaded by Frieza in Age 852 after his ship travels their via a wormhole. The Warrior and the rest of the Time Patrol must defend the city by defeating Frieza's henchman during the event.

Conton City is much larger and less urban than Toki Toki City. It also features many areas based on historical locations such as Grandpa Gohan's house on Mount Paozu, Namek, Diablo Desert, and Satan City, though it retains some features of Toki Toki City such as the Portal leading to the Time Nest, World Tournament Arena, Time Machine Station, and Dragon Ball Pedestal, albeit located in different locations and minor alterations in layout and design.


Namek Area

Img namek

Namek Area

The Ajisa District is located north of the Dragon Ball Pedestal contains the Namek Area which features a small recreation of Namek. This district gets its name from the Ajisa farm planted here as part of a Conton City drive to add greenery to Conton City.

Bamboo Forest District

Img bamboo

Bamboo Forest Area

A Bamboo Forest located north of the Business District is a replica of Grandpa Gohan's house on Mount Paozu. Eventually Kid Gohan and Goku will appear in this area allowing the Warrior to train under them once they have reached a certain point in the main story.

Business District

Img school

Business District

Home to Time Patrol Headquarters and a replica of Orange Star High School which serves as the Time Patroller Academy, and the Accessory Shop, the Business District is a small urban environment.

Occasionally, Krillin will host a special training class here where Time Patrollers can undergo the Turtle School's Milk Delivery training (like Krillin & Goku did during their training under Master Roshi), in which the Warrior must deliver Milk to Time Patrollers within the Business District. The Warrior is prohibited from using Flight during this exercise and must deliver the milk without dropping the milk crate they are carrying. Krillin will reward the Warrior with Milk and TP Medals depending upon how quickly they make their deliveries.

Patroller Academy (Orange Star High School)

Coton City Orange City School

Time Patroller Academy in Xenoverse 2

At the Academy, Elder Kai offers lessons in the form of Challenge Quests in which the Future Warrior will be instructed in combat techniques by their currently selected Instructor (if they have not selected an Instructor, then Elder Kai will summon one for them). Standing next to Elder Kai is the Advancement Test Desk robot who runs the school's Advancement Tests which allow the Warrior to advance to higher classes which in turn will unlock new training quests (some instructors require the Warrior to be a certain class in order for them to offer further training quests). Achieving a Z-Rank on the first five Advancement Tests will unlock the sixth and final Advancement Test to graduate to Super Class. By completing this final test, the Time Patrollers can unlock the Potential Unleashed Awoken Skill and pieces of the Time Patroller Suit, the official uniform for Elite Time Patrollers.

Upon selecting an Instructor to be their Master, the Warrior can find them standing in front of the school yard's fountain. Instructors can be found all over Conton City and the Future Warrior can train under them by taking their Initiation Test which will unlock the ability to recruit them as Instructors and train under them. The Future Warrior can train under other instructors even if they are not currently selected as their Master. The Warrior can increase their currently selected instructor's friendship by talking to them, talking to them while wearing certain outfits, and taking them on Parallel Quests. Instructors may also come and assist the Warrior if they are having trouble during quests.

Mushroom District

Img mushroom

Mushroom District

Home to the Mushroom Desert located North East of the Ajisa District. Its name comes from the giant mushrooms found here. Interestingly, this District's Travel Shop Robot can only be reached via the use of Flight.

Recreation Plaza

Img shop

Shopping Area

Home to the Shop Area and the Holographic Statue of the legendary Time Patrol Hero, Ace. Like the original Plaza of Time, it is located near the portal leading to the Time Nest and World Martial Arts Tournament Arena. The Time Machine Station is located on the eastern part of the plaza. Ace's statue briefly disappears from Conton City after Towa travels back in time to Age 850 to kill Shenron to prevent Future Trunks from making the wish that summons Ace to Toki Toki City, though it returns after the Future Warrior manages to prevent it and forces Towa to flee. After completing the main story and becoming the Conton City Hero, Ace's statue will be replaced by with one of the Future Warrior.

Interestingly, though the statue is depicted as holographic in-game, Ace's statue appears solid statue in the game's animated opening Time Patrol recruitment video.

Resort District

Img resort

Resort District

A small island retreat located on the floating island south of the Recreation Plaza. Due to its location it can only be accessed by Transfer Shop Robot Teleportation system or via the use of Flight. The Kame House Reception Robot can be found here which will take Time Patrollers to Kame House.

Occasionally, Yamcha will hold special training classes here in which Time Patrollers can take part in the Turtle School's Turtle Stone training exercise (like Goku and Krillin did at the beginning of their training under Master Roshi). During this exercise, Yamcha will use his pitching skills to throw a number of Turtle Stones around Conton City and the Warrior must collect a certain number of them and bring them back to him as quickly as possible. Flight and Transfer Shop Robots can be used to travel around Conton City while looking for stones, however the class is canceled if they take on any quests or Time Patrol missions. Yamcha will reward them with a certain number TP Medals based on how quickly they complete the exercise.

Kame House

The Kame House Reception Robot will transport the Warrior to the interior of Kame House where they can take part in battles and Parallel Quests as part of a team in Multi Lobby. It can still be visited even in Single Lobby, but serves no purpose. Interestingly, a vehicle model will appear atop the cabinet near the door of Kame House that randomly changes every the one enters Kame House. The various vehicle models that appear include an Attack Ball, the Nameless Namek's spaceship, Jaco's spaceship, King Kai's Car, Future Trunks' Time Machine, along with several other vehicles owned by either one of the Z Fighters or Bulma.

Interestingly, it is unclear if this Kame House is a replica or the original.

Time Miniatures

Time Miniatures are special devices located on floating platforms that hover above Conton City. They are used to access large rifts in time that have begun appearing suddenly. There are 5 Miniatures in total, each leading to a different time rift that lead to worlds outside of Conton City. These rifts can only be accessed via Time Miniatures and the locations beyond each rift offer different quests and experience. Each Time Miniature has a different destination. In each rift the Warrior, may encounter one of the current generation of the five Murasaki Brothers, who are investigating the rifts under orders of the Supreme Kai of Time. Depending on the Warrior's selected race, they will be sent to investigate one of these rifts during the game's prologue and can return later on to unlock their selected race's exclusive Awoken Skill transformation.

Satan House

13619845 1292380290773075 219493565274320346 n

Future Warrior respectfully bowing to Mr. Satan while investigating the anomaly in Xenoverse 2

Home of the World Champion and Savior of the World, Mr. Satan. Great Saiyaman, Great Saiyaman 2, Jaco can also be found here as well protecting the peace. The Future Warrior can become Great Saiyaman's pupil and fight mighty villains at his side as the newest member of the Saiya Squad or earn Zeni by working as Mr. Satan's bodyguard. To become Mr. Satan's bodyguard, the Warrior must fulfil the requests he makes. Once Mr. Satan is satisfied, the Warrior will be rewarded with Zeni. The amount of Zeni earned will increase if the Warrior is an Earthling. The current Ninja Murasaki and eldest of the current generation of Murasaki Brothers can be found here.

If the Future Warrior is an Earthling, they will be sent to investigate this rift during the prologue and will witness Great Saiyaman and Great Saiyaman 2 practicing their Justice Pose, which Videl is reluctant to do at first but finds she likes posing after performing it. Later on the Warrior can return to work with the Saiya Squad and eventually unlock their Power Pole Pro Awoken Skill which allows them to summon the Flying Nimbus and wield the Power Pole in battle as an exclusive "transformation".

Capsule Corporation

13729072 1292306330780471 4471590298919524118 n

Bulma allows the Future Warrior to create QQ Bangs in order to test her new invention before it is released to the general public

Home to Vegeta, Bulma, and Kid Trunks the Capsule Corporation is where the Future Warrior can use Bulma's new Clothing Mix Robot to create special items called QQ Bangs. They can also test their fighting skills against Vegeta. More quests become available if the Future Warrior is a Saiyan. Additionally, Kid Trunks and Goten can be found playing in the backyard. Konkon, second eldest of the current generation of Murasaki Brothers can be found here.

If the Future Warrior is Saiyan, they will be sent to investigate this rift during the game's prologue where they will observe a conversation between Bulma and her husband Vegeta, before being contacted by Elder Kai about their new assignment.

Later on, the Future Warrior can return to spar with Vegeta. Eventually, Vegeta will notice the Saiyan Future Warrior is not transforming and is shocked to learn they haven't yet achieved the Super Saiyan form, despite their power. Though Vegeta wants to help the Future Warrior achieve it so they will be a greater challenge for him, his pride causes him to suggest they talk to Bulma and Trunks about the transformation instead of telling the Warrior himself. After speaking with both Trunks and Bulma, Capsule Corporation Quest: "Saiyan Awakening" will be unlocked allowing the Future Warrior to obtain the Super Saiyan Awoken Skill which allows them to transform into their Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan 2, and Super Saiyan 3 forms depending on the amount of ki charged up. During this special quest, the Warrior will face off against SSJ Goku and SSJ Vegeta, during which they will gain access to their Super Saiyan Awoken Skill mid-battle. After defeating Goku and Vegeta as a Super Saiyan (or its higher forms), Goku and Vegeta will revive and transform, Goku into SSJ3 and Vegeta into SSJ2. Defeating the revived Goku and Vegeta will unlock the skill permanently.

The Saiyan Future Warrior can also unlock the Super Vegeta Awoken Skill by completing Vegeta's final sparring session (where they face off against Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta) which allows them to transform into Super Vegeta and Super Vegeta 2.

Guru's House

Coton City Namek

Namekian Future Warrior talking to Nail in Xenoverse 2

Home to Grand Elder Guru and his faithful bodyguard Nail. Namekian refuge and the sole survivor of Frieza's massacre in Elder Moori's village, Dende can also be found hiding out here as well. Due to the presence of the Namekian Dragon Balls, Guru's House is always under attack and the Time Patrol is short on people who can help. The Future Warrior can volunteer to go on patrol every so often to keep Guru's House safe. If the Future Warrior dutifully and preserves the tranquility here, their efforts will be rewarded. Additionally the Warrior can also help Namekian farmer Mekuji in growing vegetables in a field behind Guru's House by giving him items he requires to tend to his field. The Warrior will receive more items here if they are a Namekian. Chacha, third eldest of the current generation of Murasaki Brothers can be found here.


Grand Elder Guru using Drawing out Dormant Power on the Future Warrior in Xenoverse 2

If they manage to defend Guru's House diligently enough, Nail will allow them to meet with the Grand Elder who will use his ability to Drawing out Dormant Power to unlock the Warrior's potential (Note: This is basically a stat upgrade that increases their attribute point limit from 1-100 to 1-125). If they continue defending Guru's House this, Nail will allow them to meet with Guru a second time. Guru will reveal he is aware of another set of Dragon Balls referring to the ones they can collect and use to summon Shenron in Conton City and offers to tell the Warrior how to increase the power of these Dragon Balls so Shenron can grant additional wishes. This will unlock additional wish options the warrior can select when making a wish to Shenron (Note: This does not increase the number of wishes they can make per summon and simply adds additional options that they can select when summoning Shenron).

Also if the Warrior is a Namekian they will be sent to investigate this time rift during the game's Prologue where they will observe a conversion between Guru and Nail, before being contacted by Elder Kai to inform the Warrior they have been selected by Chronoa for a critical mission. Later in the game, Piccolo will eventually appear here, having sensed the Namekian Future Warrior's power. Piccolo will reveal that he senses the Warrior has a hidden power that they have yet to unlock and suggests they talk to Nail to learn more. Nail will mention he noticed Piccolo's arrival and is aware of the Warrior's hidden abilities, suggesting that they speak to Dende to figure out how to unlock them as he is considered a genius among the Dragon Clan. Dende reveals the Warrior must be pushed to their limits fighting their own kind and suggests that Nail and Piccolo (who's name he is unaware of due to having not met Piccolo in this timeline) can help them. This will unlock Guru's House Quest: "Namekian Awakening" which will allow the Namekian Future Warrior to unlock their Become Giant Awoken Skill allowing them to transform into their Great Namek form.

After the version 1.04.00 Update, the Future Warrior can return to Guru who is surprised to see they still have untapped power waiting to be unlocked and though having never encountered a someone with some much dormant potential like the Warrior, Guru offers to once again draw out their hidden power. This increases the Warrior's Level Cap from Level 80 to Level 85.

After the version 1. 05.00 Update, the Future Warrior can return to Guru again to have him draw out their potential even further, which increases the Warrior's Level Cap from Level 85 to Level 90.

Majin Buu's House

13062495 1292472917430479 1207710051884294049 n

The Future Warrior helping Majin Buu start a family by feeding him food in Xenoverse 2

The home of Majin Buu that he rebuilt after the defeat of Kid Buu, though this time without using the lives of innocent people to build it. As Majin Buu is lonely living all by himself, the Future Warrior can help him expand his family by collecting food and giving it to Majin Buu until his Fullness gauge is filled, a new member of his family will be born. Ordinarily, his family can have up to six members, but if the Future Warrior is a Majin, this limit is increased to ten. If the Warrior gives food to Buu's family members, they will go on a walk and will give the Warrior an item when they return. The item given depends on the family member's type. Giving food to the same family member five times in a row will give them a new color at random. One way to obtain food to feed Buu is by helping out Mekuji at Guru's House. Akkah, fourth eldest of the current generation of Murasaki Brothers can be found here.

Majin Types
Red - Super Soul
Blue - Recovery Item
Yellow - Clothing

If the Warrior is a Majin, after the creation of Buu's third child, Buu will notice they possess a hidden power like his original incarnation, Kid Buu and though he is reluctant to help them unlock it due to his negative opinion of Kid Buu, he decides to help the Warrior as they had helped him create his family. This will unlock Majin Buu's House Quest: "Majin Awakening" which allows them to unlock their Purification Awoken Skill which allows them to transform into their Pure Majin form.

Frieza's Spaceship

FB IMG 1466107612428

The Future Warrior bows to Zarbon while working undercover in Frieza's Spaceship in Xenoverse 2

The flagship of the galactic tyrant Frieza and his army Frieza Force which has been enveloped by a large rift in time. Visiting the spaceship allows the Future Warrior to enlist in the Frieza Force. However the Warrior will have to deal with fighting within the ranks and will be forced to choose sides serving under one commander or another. The Warrior must take care to choose their faction wisely as future quests depend on their decisions. Additional quests will be available if the Future Warrior is a member of Frieza's Race. Aoh, the youngest of the current generation of Murasaki Brothers can be found here.

If the Future Warrior is a member of Frieza's Race, they will be sent to investigate this rift during the game's prologue where they will witness Ginyu drilling some rank-and-file soldiers as Frieza walks by and comments to himself on the lack of talented fighters within his army and decides to take matters into his own hands. Later on the Future Warrior can return and go undercover as a member of the Frieza Force in order to investigate they anomaly. First they must choose between Dodoria and Zarbon's factions which will lead to a battle with the opposing leader's faction. Victory will result in the rival leader losing to the Warrior and their chosen leader, who will spare the leader of the rival faction, causing Frieza to demote them. Eventually the Warrior will have the option of challenging the leader of their faction which will result in them being promoted and causes Captain Ginyu to take an interest in them if they defeat their selected leader. Captain Ginyu will eventually offer them a position in the Ginyu Force after they test the Warrior. Eventually the Warrior will be allowed to challenge the Ginyu Force in a real battle and defeating them will result in Frieza promoting them to be his top aide and cause Cooler to take an interest in recruiting them. They are then forced to side with either Frieza or Cooler, which will result in a battle between the brothers' factions. Defeating the rival factions leader will result in the Warrior's leader to gain complete control over the Frieza Force (if Cooler wins he will also take his brother's place as Emperor of Universe 7). The Future Warrior is then asked by their chosen leader to help them train. After completing several training missions, their leader will acquire a new form (Golden Frieza for Frieza & Metal Cooler for Cooler). If they are a member of the Frieza's Race, then they will be given the chance of challenging Frieza (or Cooler if they sided with his faction) for control of the universe and the Frieza Force. There victory will result in Frieza (and/or Cooler) to relinquish the title of Emperor to them and afterwards will offer to help the Warrior train to achieve their Turn Golden form so that Frieza (or Cooler) can prove that they are the strongest by defeating the Warrior at their best. After obtaining their Golden form, out of respect for the Future Warrior, Golden Frieza and Metal Cooler decide to allow the Future Warrior maintain their position for the time being, in order for them to train in order to surpass the Warrior one day, as they are content that the Universe is being ruled by one of their own kind (whom they consider to be a member of the Frieza Clan out of respect for the Warrior's power, thus maintaining their family's reputation as the Strongest Clan in Space).

DBXV2 Future Warrior 2 Frieza Siege Event (Conton City)

Frieza's Spaceship invading Conton City during Frieza's Siege in Xenoverse 2

It is implied in Frieza's Siege that the Frieza's Spaceship that invades Toki Toki City originates from the same timeline as the Frieza's Spaceship Time Rift anomaly as various Frieza Force members will comment on some of the Warrior's actions within the rift, though some events such as the Frieza race Future Warrior's takeover are omitted indicating it comes from a point before those events but after the Future Warrior had joined. Due to its presence in Conton City, the Frieza's Spaceship Time Miniature is rendered inactive during the Siege further reinforcing a connection between the two.


  • In the background of Toki Toki City several floating structures similar to Kami's Lookout which appear to be floating cities can be seen as well as a serpentine road similar to Snake Way. Toki Toki City also appears to be floating in the sky as well.
  • After Future Trunks introduces himself he tells the confused Future Warrior that the place they have been summoned to is the Toki Toki World, instead of Toki Toki City. It is unknown if this is another name for Toki Toki City or the planet on which it is located (it could either a mistake by the game developers or was Toki Toki City's original name early in the games development phase).
  • There are a few surviving Namekian Frogs living in the Plaza of Time. Their presence in Toki Toki City unexplained, though they were either brought here by the Time Patrollers, Namekians, or the Supreme Kai of Time. They are the only known wildlife found in Toki Toki City.
    • The only other animal to appear in the city is Tokitoki, though it only appears in the city during cutscenes and doesn't count as wildlife as it is the Supreme Kai of Time's pet.
    • Namekian Frogs do not appear after it is rebuilt into Conton City, indicating its Namekian Frog population died out or were relocated after Toki Toki City was destroyed by the dragon.
  • According to Future Trunks, the Supreme Kai of Time, and a Time Patrol Engineer named Harry, all the technology, robots, inventions, and Time Machines found in Toki Toki City are provided by Future Trunks' and Future Bulma's Capsule Corporation which was revived some time after Future Trunks defeated Future Android 17, Future Android 18, and Future Imperfect Cell. This is likely due to the Supreme Kai of Time's keen interest in technology and as way for Trunks' mother Future Bulma to atone for her "crime" of creating the Time Machine (though she and Trunks are likely unaware of the fact that it wasn't against the law at the time they built it due to it being the first Time Machine created in the history of the universe) by aiding the Time Patrol and Future Trunks' through items, materials, and technology provided by the Capsule Corporation.
  • In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, Namekian Time Patroller Saria reveals that back when Conton City was still known as Toki Toki City, there was a rumor going around about how powerful divine beings such as Chronoa and Elder Kai actually were. When the Supreme Kais heard the rumor, they decided to demonstrate their power. As a result Chronoa used her power to bring the Dragon Ball Pedestal's dragon statue to make it move as if it were alive. However due to her recklessness the dragon grew so big that it turned Toki Toki City to ruins, forcing the Time Patrol to construct Conton City over the ruins. As a result the animated dragon statue continues to float in the sky north of Conton City.
  • In Xenoverse 2, Chronoa explains that the Dragon Balls in Conton City are one of the multiple sets created by Dende after he reactivates the Dragon Balls in Age 999 after being warned by Time Patrol Trunks about the threat posed by Mira (as mentioned in Dragon Ball Online). Presumably, he provided one of these sets to Time Patrol Trunks out of gratitude which Trunks apparently took back with him to Toki Toki City, which he later used to summon the Future Warrior in Age 850. This set continues to be used by the Time Patrol in Conton City in Age 852.
  • In the Super Pack 2 DLC, Chronoa and Elder reveal that Time Nest and Conton City (and by extension Toki Toki City) are consider to be a part of Universe 7.