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"A hybrid suit made by combining Frieza Race tissue with mechanical parts."
Dragon Ball Xenoverse Cosmic Suit description

Cosmic Suits are specialized armor worn by members of Frieza's race in order to increase their power and combat capabilities. It is a special type of Bio Suit that combines Frieza Race tissue and mechanical parts.


Cosmic Suit Frieza

Frieza equipped with a Cosmic Suit

Cosmic Suits are made by combining the natural Bio Suits of Frieza's race with technology. They increase the power of their user. It can also be used as a way to repair the physical damage to a Frieza's race's member's body after being heavily injured, as members of their race are capable of surviving horrific injuries that would be fatal to most other races. Unlike cybernetic parts and other machines made by humans, however, the Cosmic Suit's mechanical parts are unable to prevent the user from having their ki being sensed.


After being heavily injured by Super Saiyan Goku on Namek, Frieza was upgraded with a Cosmic Suit by his father King Cold, becoming "Mecha Frieza".

The same thing occurred to Future Frieza in both Future Trunks' and Cell's timelines. In Future Trunks' timeline, Super Saiyan Future Goku was responsible for killing Future Frieza thanks to arriving in time via Instant Transmission. In the main timeline due to being unaware of Goku's Instant Transmission, Future Trunks ended up mistakenly slaying Mecha Frieza instead when he assumed their was a time discrepancy only to realize his mistake after Goku informed him of Instant Transmission thus he had altered history needlessly.

In Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ and Dragon Ball Super, Frieza retains his Mecha form in Earth's Hell and when he is later resurrected by Shenron at Sorbet's request though since Mecha Frieza died with his body cut to pieces, which he survived due to his survivability, thus he was revived cut up though Sorbet had planned to use the Frieza Force's new Medical Machines to restore Frieza's broken body which proved successful and allowed Frieza to revert to his first form his organic body restored free of his cybernetics.

Video Game Appearances

Cosmic Suit Frost Demon

A Frieza's race Future Warrior equipped with a Cosmic Suit

Mecha Frieza appears as a playable character and transformation in many Dragon Ball video games. In the Budokai series, Frieza transforms into Mecha Frieza via Frieza's spaceship.

In Super Dragon Ball Z, Frieza gains an enhanced version of his Cosmic Suit called Full Armor Mecha Frieza which includes armaments such as a rocket launcher mounted on his shoulder, the ammunition for which are stored behind his other shoulder, he has a belt of explosives around his waist, and his tail is upgraded with additional armor and sharp blades. The design for Full Armor Mecha Frieza was created especially for Super Dragon Ball Z by series author Akira Toriyama.

In Dragon Ball Heroes, when the Frieza Clan Elite uses the Super Class-up he gains a Cosmic Suit.

In Dragon Ball Online, Cosmic Suits similar to the one utilized by Mecha Frieza are available for Time Patrol members to wear. The Cosmic Suit appears as an outfit for Frieza's race custom characters in Dragon Ball: Xenoverse and Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2.

In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, after training in his fifth form, Cooler gains the ability to transform into Metal Cooler, the transformation simply being a metallic Cosmic Suit over his fourth form. A Frieza race Future Warrior can utilize their Cosmic Suit in conjunction with their Turn Golden form.

"A suit modelled after Frieza with his destroyed body parts replaced by mechanical devices."
Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Mecha Frieza Suit description

There is also an outfit called Mecha Frieza Suit which is a costume based on Mecha Frieza's Cosmic Suit which can be worn by the Future Warrior regardless of race. If the Lower Body Option is worn by a Frieza Race Future Warrior, their tail will take on the suit's mechanical appearance, making it resemble Mecha Frieza's tail.

"Headgear modelled after Frieza with his destroyed body parts replaced by mechanical devices."
Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Mecha Frieza's Head description

There is also a Mecha Frieza's Head accessory which is a piece of headgear modelled after Mecha Frieza's head that can be obtained as a completion reward in certain online events such as Frieza's Siege or Raid Quests. Like the Frieza's Suit (Final Form) costume, the Mecha Frieza Suit's skin and jewel-like portions will not change color when the Turn Golden Awoken Skill is used (instead they will simply glow brighter). The same holds true for the head accessory.

"A headpiece modelled after Metal Cooler, who was brought back to life by the power of the Big Gete Star."
Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Metal Cooler's Head description

Additionally there is a Metal Cooler's Head accessory and Metal Cooler Suit which are a head piece and costume based on Metal Cooler's Cosmic Suit. The accessory and suit can be worn by all races and genders. While training under Cooler, he also asks the Future Warrior if they ever wish to metalize themselves like the Metal Coolers though this is only mentioned in conversation and it is actually impossible for the Future Warrior to actually take Cooler up on his offer. It is implied that metallization involves having their energy being used to create Metal copy of them (similar to the Metal Cooler core's plan in the Return of Cooler to use Goku and Vegeta's energy to create an army of Metal Super Saiyans) which may explain why the Future Warrior is unable to take Cooler up on his offer.

Near the World Martial Arts Tournament Arena in Conton City, Frieza Race Time Patroller Chivalet can be seen wearing a Cosmic Suit.

During Frieza's Siege, a Frieza Race Time Patroller named Hiebie wears a Cosmic Suit. However, despite his cybernetics, he states that he is unable to fight due a nasty bug that has made him sick and unable to fight, though it is unknown if he is telling the truth or simply using as an excuse to avoid having to fight the Frieza Force. If true it would imply that a Cosmic Suit's cybernetics do not protect the wearer from contracting diseases. Similarly its cybernetics do not protect the wearer from poison thus they are susceptible to poison attacks such as Poison, Secret Poison, Innocence Bullet, and the Bloody Sauce's poison effect.


  • In Xenoverse 2, it is shown that the Golden Frieza form can be utilized alongside Frieza Race Cosmic Suit indicating that Mecha Frieza might have been able to achieve his Golden Frieza form had he trained right after the Battle on Planet Namek. Had Mecha Frieza been able to become Golden Mecha Frieza then he would have succeeded in getting his revenge as neither Future Trunks or Goku would have been powerful enough to actually kill him as his Golden Frieza form is superior to the unmastered Super Saiyan form and his cybernetic enhancements may have made the form even stronger. This goes to show that Mecha Frieza made a huge blunder by going to Earth with his father to take revenge without bothering to train, as had he been more methodical and patient when going about his revenge as he did after his resurrection he might have acquired power superior to the Super Saiyan form that had defeated him on Namek. Additionally he could have trained together with his father who might have been able to acquire his Ultimate Evolution as well, which would have made their family stronger than even Majin Buu (though Beerus and Whis would have still been superior to them in strength).
    • However it is unclear if his cybernetic enhancements could have handled the form's power as it should be noted that it is highly likely that Cosmic Suit technology used by the Time Patrol is more advanced than Mecha Frieza's and was likely constructed to handle the form's power as the Frieza Race would have been aware of the Golden Frieza form in Age 850 as Frieza had already acquired it after his resurrection in Age 779 and Frieza Race Time Patrollers would likely have been aware of such a important historic event in their race's history, the discovery of their Ultimate Evolution by Frieza that they would have likely worked to ensure their Cosmic Suit technology could handle the form's power where it discovered that the Cosmic Suit technology used by Mecha Frieza was not capable of handling the form's power.



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