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Crane School is a martial arts school founded by Master Shen, and taught by Shen and his brother Mercenary Tao. The school presumably continues the teachings of Shen's former sensei, Master Mutaito. The two best students of the Crane School are Tien Shinhan and Chiaotzu.


Dragon Ball


Tao and Shen at training

The Crane School is a rival to Master Roshi's Turtle School. Master Shen is also known as the Crane Hermit, like Roshi is known as the Turtle Hermit. The school colors are green and yellow. Its specialties are the Sky Dance and the Dodon Ray. Shen also taught his best student Tien Shinhan the Tri-Beam, a deadly attack that is considered a double-edged sword, which Roshi greatly resented.

Dragon Ball Online

Main article: New Crane School


The harsh training of the Crane School

In the computer game Dragon Ball Online, Tien creates the New Crane School in Age 821. This school is based on the use of enormous loads of ki and life-sacrificing attacks to damage the enemies. The New Crane School teaches the two most powerful attacks of the game, Tri-Beam and Self Destruction, which use LP instead of EP; 212 LP and 500 LP, respectively. This makes Crane Spiritualists the greatest DPS, but also one of the most kamikaze class and healer dependent. The character class that represents the New Crane School are the Crane Hermit.



Crane School Symbol

The symbol of the Crane School 鶴 translates out to the word tsuru, which means "crane." The symbol is worn by Tien, Chiaotzu, and the Crane Hermit, Master Shen, himself.

Known students


  • In the Dragon Ball episode "Which Way to Papaya Island?", it is shown that Master Shen is on a boat filled with several of other fighters on their way to the 22nd World Martial Arts Tournament. Those martial artists are not his students, as Tien and Chiaotzu are the only ones later seen with him at the tournament.
  • The concept of Crane School being rival to the Turtle School is most likely based on the old Japanese saying "鶴は千年、亀は万年" (tsuru wa sennen, kame wa mannen), meaning "As the Crane one thousand years, the Tortoise ten thousand years" where the crane and the turtle represent longevity, fitting Master Roshi's and Master Shen's unusually long lifespans.



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