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"There are no second chances in this army, you know that."
— Commander Red unto Colonel Silver who lost the 5-Star ball to Goku

Cruel General Red (非情のレッドリボン Hijou no Reddo Ribon, lit. "The Heartless Red Ribbon") is the thirty-fourth episode of Dragon Ball and the sixth episode of the Red Ribbon Army Saga.



Goku with a monkey

This episode starts with Goku messing around with a group of monkeys. But after a while Goku leaves to continue searching for the Dragon Ball. However a storm starts and both Goku and Colonel Silver's goons stop searching.

Inside Colonel Silver's cabin, he and Staff Officer Black are talking through transmitters. Colonel Silver says that with the river over-flowing, the Dragon Ball could wash up on shore, and that he will continue in the morning. In the morning the search resumes, however two guys are snoozing and rudely awakened by Colonel Silver's gun.


Colonel Silver confronts Goku

They talk about how pointless the search is when Goku comes and finds the Dragon Ball in less than a minute. They try to steal it only to be easily beaten by Goku. Then Colonel Silver comes and blows up the Flying Nimbus with his Rocket Launcher. Goku gets mad and beats him up when he is down. He then takes some capsules from Silver's cabin and finds a robot and a plane. Goku has the robot pilot the plane to the North.


The Red Ribbon robot Goku found

Meanwhile, at the Red Ribbon Army Headquarters, Commander Red receives news of Colonel Silver's loss. He has Silver brought before him. Colonel Silver asks for a second chance, but Commander Red says there is no second chance in the army. Then Staff Officer Black says that Goku is moving into General White's territory, and radios General White to warn him.

Meanwhile, the robot systems crashes due to the cold of the northern mountains and crashes the plane. Goku freezes, then a mysterious girl drags him home only a few minutes before General White's men arrive.


  • Goku vs. Red Ribbon Soldiers
  • Goku vs. Colonel Silver


Character Name FUNimation Original Japanese
Goku Stephanie Nadolny Masako Nozawa
Colonel Silver Christopher R. Sabat Banjō Ginga
Red Ribbon Digger 1 (Human) Kyle Hebert Kozo Shioya
Red Ribbon Digger 2 (Wolf) Chris Cason Ryoichi Tanaka
General White Kyle Hebert Tesshō Genda
Red Ribbon Sergeant Justin Cook Ikuya Sawaki
Red Ribbon Soldier (Dog) Steve Sanders Michitaka Kobayashi
Commander Red Josh Martin Kenji Utsumi
Staff Officer Black Christopher R. Sabat Masaharu Satō
Master Roshi Mike McFarland Kouhei Miyauchi
Krillin Laurie Steele Mayumi Tanaka
Launch Meredith McCoy Sumi Shimamoto
Suno Susan Huber Naoko Watanabe
Narrator Brice Armstrong Joji Yanami


  • There is a flaw in the title since Commander Red is not a General, but the leader of the Red Ribbon Army. The reason for this error is likely due to the rank of "General" being the highest actual rank as opposed to "Commander," which is a more unique rank but not as familiarized in popular culture.


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