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Crusher Volcano (クラッシャーボルケーノ) is an energy sphere barrage technique and a variation of Jeice's signature Crusher Ball technique, that is Jeice's Ulimate Skill in Dragon Ball Xenoverse and Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2.



Jeice fires a volley of Crusher Balls

After striking a Fighting Pose, the user creates six Crusher Balls and with High speed movement hits them in quick succession at the opponent, then finish the attack with a single, larger, fiery Crusher Ball. When used by the Future Warrior, they will shout the attack's name, like they do with the original Crusher Ball.[1]

In Xenoverse, the Future Warrior can obtain the Crusher Volcano Ultimate Skill in Parallel Quest 18: "Return of the Ginyu Force".[1]

In Xenoverse 2, it returns as one of Jeice's Ultimate Skills which can be learned by the Future Warrior (Xenoverse 2) by purchasing it from the Skill Shop in Conton City.[3]


  • The name of the technique Crusher Volcano is derived from the words Crusher from the original Crusher Ball technique and Volcano which ties in with Jeice's epithet "The Red Magma", as magma can be found in active volcanoes.
  • Curtis Arnott (Takahata101) English Male Voice Option 8 humorously calls out, "Here I Go! I Don't Even Know, What I'm Doing! Blegh!" when performing the technique in both Xenoverse and Xenoverse 2.