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Cukatail (クカテル Kukateru) is the Angel of Universe 5 and the attendant and martial arts teacher of Arack. She appears in Dragon Ball Super during the Universe Survival Saga.


Like all Angels, Cukatail is a humanoid with bright blue skin and white hair, which in her case points backwards. Unlike the other known female angels who are slim or overweight, she is quite large in frame with a broad jawline and a rather muscular built. She wears a black cuirass with shoulder pads and Universe 5's symbols, over a dark teal tunic girded with a yellow sash. Her staff's shaft is purple in color.


Cukatail is a female type angel who watches over her excellent Supreme Kai and God of Destruction and tries to learn from their knowledge.

As opposed to most other angels, who were either indifferent or relieved, she was visibly shocked by the erasure of Universe 9 and 10.


Dragon Ball Super

Universe Survival Saga

Main article: Universe Survival Saga Cukatail, alongside Arack and Ogma, attends the Zen Exhibition Match and the Tournament of Power. Her universe is opted out of the Tournament as it has a high mortal ranking.


Being Arack's martial arts teacher, it can be assumed Cukatail is stronger than him, making her the strongest being in Universe 5.

Techniques and special abilities


Voice actors

  • Japanese: TBA
  • English: TBA


  • Like all Gods of Destruction and Angels, Cukatail's name is a pun of a type of alcohol. Cukatail's name is a pun of the alcoholic drink: Cocktail.



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