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Curtis Arnott, more commonly known as Takahata101 is a voice actor, editor and writer for TeamFourStar.

He voices the Future Warrior and the Future Warrior 2 in the Dragon Ball Xenoverse series, where his voice can be selected at Male Voice Option 8, and he sounds just like his own rendition of Nappa in the Dragon Ball Z: Abridged online parody series.

Technique names

When the Future Warrior uses techniques while has Male Voice Option 8, he will shout humorously different names for the techniques and emotes with in-jokes and references to both the original Dragon Ball series and TFS DBZ Abridged series. Some of these names only appear in Xenoverse 2.


  • In Xenoverse and Xenoverse 2, the Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack will always produce ghosts shaped like Gotenks, regardless of what the user actually looks like. This leads to a hilarious moment where, when the custom character is using Curtis Arnott's Male Voice Option 8, he says "Hey Look, It's Me!" despite the ghost looking nothing like him. This is in fact a reference to 'Ghost Nappa' from Dragon Ball Z: Abridged.
  • In the Xenoverse series, Male Voice Option 8 humorously refers to the Ginyu Force as the Dairy Squad and refers to the Ginyu Force members when performing their fighting poses (and attacks in the case of Recoome) by the dairy product their name is actually a pun on such as refer to Burter as Butter, Recoome as Creamer, Jeice as Cheese, and Guldo as Yogurt.
    • Additionally, Great Saiyaman is referred to as Great Saiyan Man when using the Justice Pose.
  • In Xenoverse, when using the Kaio-ken Attack he will mispronounce the Kaio-ken as KAY-O-ken rather than the correct pronunciation, however it is actually mispronounced on purpose for humorous effect as a in-joke reference to its mispronunciation in several English dubs.
  • In addition to the two Future Warriors from Xenoverse and Xenoverse 2, a voice clip of him saying "Vegeta" is also used for various Male Time Patroller NPCs in both games which can be heard when either Future Warrior speaks to them. The "Vegeta" voice clip is another reference to the Abridged series as TFS version of Nappa has a habit of saying it to the point he even says Vegeta repeatedly in the show's parody of the Ghostbusters Theme for 'Ghost Nappa'.
  • The shout outs for Crusher Ball, Destructo-Disc and Lullaby Punch, Space Australia, Pizza Time and Cat Loves Food! Yeah, Yeah, Yeah! are references to jokes from DBZ Abridged.
    • Space Australia references the fact that TFS Jeice is from Space Australia (which is Australia in Space) which is also a parody of Jeice's Australian accent in the FUNimation dub (TFS Jeice also has an Australian accent due to him being Space Australian).
    • Pizza Time is a reference to a joke from the shows parody of the Frieza Saga in which Frieza promises Goku two stuffed crust pizzas in exchange for allowing Frieza to achieve 100%. Later during the fight when Goku quits fighting and is about to leave, Frieza fires a Death Slicer at him while saying "You Forgot Your Pizza!" comparing the disc's shape to a pizza. Since the name of either Death Slicer and Double Death Slicer isn't shouted out when either of those techniques are performed, Pizza Time was used as the shout out for the Destructo-Disc in both games as it fits the joke.
    • The singing of Cat Loves Food as a lullaby for the Lullaby Punch is a reference to a cat food jingle done by Yamcha to make money in the DBZ Abridged series which is mentioned and featured during the shows parody of the Android Saga.