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Cynthia is one of the teachers at the hovercar training facility in which Goku and Piccolo attended in the filler episode "Goku's Ordeal".


Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z Driving School 100

Cynthia going crazy while driving

Cynthia is beautiful and stylish, but under this exterior, she is really a speed demon in that her personality completely changes the moment she takes the wheel. Even her speech style changes, becoming extremely rash and wild. Cynthia was assigned to be Piccolo's driving instructor. She coaxes Piccolo when he races with Goku. The complete opposite is seen with Goku's driving instructor, Yuzukar. The race ends with a crash, but Piccolo and Goku save Cynthia and Yuzukar from the explosion.

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  • Coincidently, Cynthia shares her first FUNimation dub's actress, Cynthia Cranz (who also voices Chi-Chi).

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