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Damom (ダモン Damom)[1] is a cicada insect warrior from Universe 4 and a member of Team Universe 4.


He appears to be a rather short, rotund green insect with small antennae and red eyes. He is described as a "cicada warrior".


Nothing about his personality is known, however it can inferred that due to hiding from plain sight before the Tournament of Power even begins, he is at least somewhat intelligent and strategic.


Dragon Ball Super

Universal Survival Saga

Main article: Universe Survival Saga Damom is scouted and recruited to join Team Universe 4 as one of the 10 strongest warriors in Universe 4 in the Tournament of Power. He along with Gamisarasu are hidden from sight from the moment they arrive to the World of Void, causing Team Universe 7 to believe they only have 8 members, to which Tien Shinhan notes he can sense a faint "presence".


His true power is unknown, however he was deemed worthy enough by Quitela to represent Universe 4 as one of the 10 strongest warriors to fight for Team Universe 4 in the Tournament of Power.

Techniques and special abilities

  • Invisibility - Through currently unknown means, he can hide his physical appearance from sight, however Tien Shinhan can still sense a slight presence.
  • Dodging techniques - Vanishes and then appears on the ground or in the sky.
  • Body Shedding - Like a real cicada, he can shed his skin, leaving behind an empty husk
  • Self Destruction - A self destruction technique that Damom uses by waiting for an opponent to attack, and then countering with it.

Voice actors

  • Japanese: TBA
  • English: TBA



  • Damom appears hidden on the Zen-Ohs Godpads, and even unrevealed in supplementary material outside the show itself, despite being visible in Limit-Break x Survivor.
  • Damom is presumably named after Cardamom.



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