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The Dark-Masked King (暗黒仮面王 Ankoku kamen-ō) is a mysterious character who appears in Dragon Ball Heroes.


Alongside Demon God Salsa, the Dark-Masked King is brought by Mechikabura to aid in retrieving the Four-Star Dark Dragon Ball that has merged with Turles. He manages to easily take down Turles, and then faces off against Vegeta in battle.[1] He fights Super Saiyan 4 Dark Dragon Ball fused Xeno Broly to a draw.


  • Dark King's Flash (ダークキングズフラッシュ Dāku Kinguzu Furasshu) - The Dark-Masked King's special attack in Dragon Ball Heroes. It is a dark energy wave that appears similar to Vegeta's Final Flash.


  • It is rumored by fans that he is a masked King Vegeta, as he has a similar voice and personality, but this has yet to be confirmed. Additionally, the Dark-Masked King wears a similar mask to the one Vegeta wears in his Time Breaker form. Interestingly, the mask he wears has a section of ornamentation on the chin where King Vegeta's beard would be and his Dark King's Flash is similar to Vegeta's Final Flash.