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"The warriors who fell in the desperate fight to repel the two invading Saiyans seem lost... But in order to bring them back to life, Gohan and his friends must use Kami's spaceship... travel to Piccolo and Kami's home world, Planet Namek, in hopes of finding new Dragon Balls."
— Narrator

Dark Clouds over Planet Namek is the fifth level of the Dragon Walker mode in the video game Dragon Ball Z: Tenkaichi Tag Team.


34 days after leaving Earth, Bulma and the others finally arrived at their destination, Planet Namek. Bulma gets angry at Gohan and Krillin for walking on the planet, without testing the air first. Krillin and Gohan fail to understand her however. Bulma then checks the Dragon Radar, and it shows signs of Dragon Balls on the planet, much to everyone's expectations. Then they feel a huge Ki, at first they think it is a Namekian, but then they realize Vegeta has landed on Namek.

Vegeta is thinking out loud, when Cui arrives on Planet Namek as well. Cui says, Frieza has finally ordered for Vegeta's demise and he will be one to do it, much to the amusement of Vegeta. Cui then claims it is time for the rivals to fight it out, he also mocks Vegeta's currently low power level making Vegeta laugh, Vegeta tells Cui of his newly learned ability to hide his power level. Vegeta then disposes of Cui quickly.

Meanwhile, back on Earth.. Seven of Korin's Senzu Beans were prepared, aiding in healing Goku 's wounds. Then, upon hearing of the situation with Gohan and his friends on Namek, Goku boarded the Saiyan spaceship modified previously by Bulma's father, Doctor Briefs, and left the Earth. His course was set for Planet Namek. And waiting for him there was Frieza.

Frieza had attacked many villages on Planet Namek, and already collected five Dragon Balls. Frieza demands to know where the remaining two Dragon Balls are. The Namekians refuse to tell this, since they will not betray their friends, even when facing death. Frieza orders Dodoria to kill them all. Before Dodoria manages to hurt the last survivor, Gohan and Krillin save him, and flee from Dodoria to their spaceship. This angers Dodoria, and he blasts the country of Namek to smithereens, believing to have killed Gohan and Krillin in the process, he takes off, alone. For Vegeta this is a huge opportunity.

When facing Vegeta, Dodoria suggests that Vegeta leaves immediately, he wants to let him go just this once, but Vegeta sees behind this and tells Dodoria he is scared because he saw him battle with Cui. Dodoria believes his scouter was broken back then.

When Vegeta starts to dominate Dodoria, he tries to make Vegeta let him go in exchange for a secret about Planet Vegeta. Vegeta demands Dodoria to tell him immediately, thus Dodoria tells Vegeta that it was Frieza who destroyed his planet, not a collision with a huge asteroid. Vegeta however, does not care about his race, family or planet's destruction, he only cares that Frieza used him, angering him more than anything. Vegeta then executes Dodoria immediately, and is amazed at his own skills.

Bonus Missions

  • When traveling south when starting the level, Vegeta encounters Saibamen in a Namekian village, Vegeta is at first surprised they defy him, then he decides to play with them, and kills them easily, remarking it was a waste of time. The player is rewarded with 500 Z-points.
  • If the player instead of fighting Cui, goes to the upper-left corner of the planet, and interacts with the Namekian house icon, he will do battle with two Frieza Soldiers. And will receive 500 Z-points as a reward.
  • Instead of fighting Dodoria as Vegeta, when visiting the house on the right of Planet Namek, the player must defeat two Frieza Soldiers, who are rampaging in the village. When defeated the player receives 500 Z-points.


  • Cui is unlocked as a playable character.
  • The battle stage, Planet Namek (Village) has been unlocked.


  • It is possible to get rid of Dodoria while he is chasing the player while playing as Gohan and Krillin, by defeating him, and a couple of Frieza Soldiers at once.