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The Dark Dragon Balls (暗黒ドラゴンボール Ankoku Doragon Bõru) are a set of Dragon Balls created by a Time Breaker Namekian. Unlike their counterparts, these Dragon Balls scatter through time and space.


Xeno Frieza (One Star)

Frieza merged with the One-Star Dark Dragon Ball

Dark Dragon Balls are a set of dark red Dragon Balls with a black colored star. Uniquely they individually possess the ability to merge with evil entities to power them up, along with their ability to grant a wish when gathered. If a host of a Dark Dragon Ball is taken down, but the Dark Dragon Ball is not removed in time, the Dark Dragon Ball will cause the host to undergo a dark evolution.

It is revealed in the Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Dark Demon Realm Mission! manga that they were created by Demon Gods in order to revive Mechikabura. After their creation by a Time Breaker Namekian, Towa aims to collect all of the Dark Dragon Balls so that Mechikabura can use them to wish for youth. However they scatter through space and time before they can be used and so the Time Breakers head to collect them, coming into conflict with the Time Patrol along the way.

The Dark Dragon Balls are seen attached onto a villain:

  • 1-star Dark Dragon Ball: Frieza
  • 2-star Dark Dragon Ball: Cell
  • 3-star Dark Dragon Ball: Kid Buu
  • 4-star Dark Dragon Ball: Turles
  • 5-star Dark Dragon Ball: Unknown
  • 6-star Dark Dragon Ball: Unknown
  • 7-star Dark Dragon Ball: Unknown

In the SDBH1 trailer, Xeno Trunks tries to recover the Dark Dragon Ball from Frieza but Demon God Towa appears and stole it from them. In SDBH2 trailer, Demon God Gravy attacks Cell to retrieve but Xeno Goku appears and intercepts his actions. In SDBH3 trailer, Demon Demon God Dabura tries to obtain the Dark Dragon Ball from Kid Buu but he is stopped by the Time Patrollers and the new Demon Avatars. In SDBH4 trailer, Dark Masked King and Xeno Turles battle each other, Dark Masked King succeeds in retrieving the Dark Dragon Ball from Xeno Turles.