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Dark Kamehameha (ダークかめはめ波; lit "Dark Turtle Devastation Wave") is a variation of the Kamehameha technique used by Mira in Dragon Ball Online and Dragon Ball Heroes.



Mira prepares his Dark Kamehameha

Mira cups his hands in the signature Kamehameha stance, forming a light-purple ball of energy before firing a powerful beam of purple energy against his opponents. Mira first uses this technique during his brief battle against the Time Patrollers, when they come to aid Time Patrol Trunks. In Dragon Ball Online, when Mira is about to shoot his Dark Kamehameha, the symbol of the Time Breakers appears above him.

Video game appearances

Dark Kamehameha makes its debut in the computer game Dragon Ball Online, but it was named in the arcade game Dragon Ball Heroes.



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