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Darkness Illusion (ダークネスイリュージョン) is a rush attack used by Garlic Jr. in his transformed state.


Goku Vs. Pillar

Super Garlic Jr. prepares to smash Goku into the ground

First, Super Garlic Jr. punches the opponent and moves behind them to elbow their back. Then, he backhands the opponent into the ground and flies after them. Finally, Super Garlic Jr. grabs them by the neck and flies downwards to slam them into the ground, inflicting a significant amount of damage.

Super Garlic Jr. uses the rush's punch and elbow on both Goku and Piccolo, right after transforming during their battle in the movie Dragon Ball Z: Dead Zone.

Appearances in games

Darkness Illusion was named in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3, where it appears as one of Garlic Jr.'s Blast 2 attacks in his super form.