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This article is about the technique used in the video games. For the void itself, see Dead Zone (void). For Dragon Ball Z film under the same name, see Dragon Ball Z: Dead Zone.

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Dead Zone (ブラックホール波 Burakkuhōru-Ha, lit. "Black Hole Wave") is Garlic Jr.'s Ultimate Blast in his Super Form.


Super Garlic Jr. heightens his ki[2] which opens a portal to the Dead Zone and launches it towards his opponent. Upon impact, it binds the enemy for a few seconds and Garlic Jr. appears to be strangling his opponent. After a few seconds, the Dead Zone vanishes in a small explosion, inflicting a great deal of damage. This attack can be avoided, but it is unblockable.


The main weakness of this technique is that the user is susceptible of being sucked in by the Dead Zone if overpowered by a stronger opponent such as when Gohan unleashed his hidden power in Dead Zone. Additionally the user must be powerful enough themself to avoid being sucked in as Garlic Jr. was only able to resist being sucked in while in his Makyan Gigantification form and was sucked in during the Garlic Jr. Saga when Gohan destroyed the Makyo Star causing Garlic Jr. lost access to the form's power and was sucked in as a result. As a result, for the immortal Garlic Jr. the Dead Zone was both his most powerful technique yet ultimately his greatest weakness, as it was the key to both of his defeats and imprisonment.


Appearances in games

DB Fusions Saiyan Vasabi Dead Zone (Special Move - Pic 3)

Vasabi performing Dead Zone in Dragon Ball Fusions

Super Garlic Jr. uses the technique in the video games Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2, Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3, and Dragon Ball Heroes.

In Dragon Ball Fusions, Dead Zone appears as a Special Move used by certain characters such as Hoji and Toomlin. It can be learned by Vasabi after reaching Lv. 55. In Dragon Ball Fusions, it causes damages to an opponent and any of their nearby allies. There is also a stronger version called Super Dead Zone.

Interestingly, it is classified and functions as a Ki Blast and is capable of performing an Energy Clash (possibly a reference to the Garlic's struggle with Gohan's hidden power in the film).