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Deadly Battle (決死の大流血戦 Kesshi no Dairyūkessen, lit. "A Great Do-or-Die Bloody Battle") is the fourth episode of the Fortuneteller Baba Saga and the seventy-first episode in the Dragon Ball series. It first aired on July 22, 1987.



Invisible man after being covered with blood (or tomato soup in the dub)

Yamcha faces See-Through the Invisible Man in a tournament. As soon as it starts the battle turns for the worse and all bets are on Fortuneteller Baba's team. When all else fails Yamcha relies on his other sense: hearing. The tables soon turn when Krillin and the others start supporting See-Through who starts to respond verbally to Krillin. The Invisible Man loses his element of surprise and starts to be beaten by Yamcha, who can hear where he is. But just as the odds start to favor Yamcha, Fortuneteller Baba starts to sing an annoying song, made even worse by her hideous voice, to cover up the noise of The Invisible Man. The Invisible Man doesn't waste any time and continuously pummels Yamcha while he's still caught off-guard by Baba's song. Krillin knows Yamcha can't take much more and sends Goku to retrieve Master Roshi and Bulma.


Baba brings Goku to a secret room

When they arrive, Krillin then reveals Bulma's breasts to the perverted turtle hermit, causing blood to spew from his nose. The blood drenches the Invisible Man, who becomes visible. Yamcha quickly defeats his opponent and claims the victory. With three fighters to go, the gang eagerly await their next match in... the Devil's Toilet! Then, during a filler, Fortuneteller Baba brings Goku into a secret room where See-Through brought Goku foods before activating a trap. Goku manages to counter the trap, which consisted of bricks falling from the ceiling, and throws a brick at See-Through, thus making him suffer from a nose bleed.



The crows moving their beaks as if they are talking

  • In one scene where Goku is searching for Master Roshi and Bulma, he runs into some birds and asks them if they know where Master Roshi and Bulma are. It would appear that the birds were supposed to say something after Goku left the flock, but when their mouths move, there is no sound. The birds only appear to make sound in the Japanese version, where they simply make cawing sounds at each other.
  • The scene in which Bulma's shirt is pulled down is slightly edited in the anime. In the manga, her breasts are fully shown while in the anime the scene is cut at the part where her nipples are shown. In the uncut version of the anime, her breasts bounce up for a split second making them clearly visible. In the Viz version of the manga, the image is edited and Bulma is given a bra.


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