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Death Laser is a variant of the Death Beam utilized by Cooler.


The attack is used in the same way as the Death Beam, being a long straight beam fired from the finger.


Frieza's Chaotic Dead End

Frieza uses the attack during an anime-only segment in Dragon Ball Z. He uses it to kill one of the three Warrior-type Namekians who came at Grand Elder Guru's house to help Nail. After using the Whirlwind Blow, Frieza catches one of the Namekians by the neck and begins to strangle him, before letting him fall and hitting him with a Death Beam.[1].

Cooler uses this attack as part of his Chaotic Dead End attack in order to take down Piccolo.

Later, Ghost Cooler and Ghost Frieza charge a Death Laser and Death Beam together with Ghost Turles' energy wave and Ghost Slug's finger beam to try to exterminate the Z Fighters while flying above the Tongari Tower. However, the Ghost Warriors combined attack is interrupted by the arrival from Bulma's airplane that brings with it the antidote capsules against the Destron Gas.[2]


  • Chaotic Dead End: A combination of the Death Laser and several Particle Bomb techniques.
  • Clone Death Laser: A combined Death Laser attack utilized by Meta-Coolers. One Meta-Cooler summons two more and the three all fire their Death Lasers together.

Video game appearances

Death Laser appears in several video games as part of the Chaotic Dead End attack. It is named Death Laser in Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z, where it is one of Cooler's unique attacks.