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"Just like your father...Stay out of my way boy!"
— Chilled before firing at Berry

Death Razor (デスレイザー) is a finger wave technique used by Chilled.


Chilled rises his left hand with one or two fingers up and charges an energy sphere on the tip of his finger, then he swings his arm to his side and fires several pink beams simultaneously at the opponent, creating an explosion.


The Death Razor creates a giant explosion

Chilled uses the attack in an attempt to kill Bardock, until Berry rushes forward to help Bardock, so Chilled decides to throw the Death Razor instead at Berry, making Berry fly into a mountain, knocking him out. Usage of this technique, however, turned out to be the prime reason for his downfall, as Bardock transformed into a Super Saiyan after witnessing Chilled's attack on Berry.

Chilled later uses it again at Super Saiyan Bardock, before firing his Continuous Energy Bullet technique, but it has no effect on the Super Saiyan except breaking his armor.

Appearances in games

Death Razor was named in Dragon Ball Heroes, where it appears as Chilled's super attack.