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Defying Gravity (重力との戦い! バブルス君をつかまえろ, Juryoku to no Tatakai! Baburusu-kun o Tsukamaero) is the nineteenth episode of the Vegeta Saga in the uncut Dragon Ball Z series. The episode first aired on September 13, 1989. Its original American air date was January 10, 1997.



The monkey, Bubbles

Arriving at King Kai's planet face-first, Goku struggles against the overwhelming gravity and mistakes King Kai's pet monkey, Bubbles, for King Kai. He then meets the real King Kai, who has one condition before he will train Goku: he must think of a joke that will make him laugh. Goku gives it his all and comes up with several weak puns that amuse King Kai immensely.


King Kai, the real martial arts trainer

Goku's new mentor tells him that the Saiyans are even stronger than himself, and gives him his first task: to catch Bubbles in the 10-G gravity of King Kai's World. Goku strenuously chases Bubbles, and after three weeks, finally manages to catch him. Impressed that Goku has overcome King Kai's planet ten-fold gravity, King Kai anticipates that Goku may be able to master the powerful "Kaio-ken" technique.


King Kai: "Hey, Bubbles, come here!"
Bubbles: (Comes walking up to Goku and King Kai, chattering like any monkey would)
King Kai: "Bubbles is used to the extreme gravity, here. I want you to try to catch him."
Goku: "That's my training?! Catch the monkey?!"
King Kai: "That's right. Until you can move around easily, you're not ready to start anything more intense than that."


Facts about "Defying Gravity"RDF feed
Brief summaryAfter Goku passes King Kai's test to make him laugh, the real training begins. Goku's first task is to catch King Kai's pet monkey, Bubbles, in a gravity that is ten times stronger than Earth's.
English titleDefying Gravity +
Episode number19 +

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