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Directory: TechniquesSupportive techniquesRestraining techniques

Demon Eye is a restraining technique used by the wizard Bibidi and his son Babidi.



The magic slime on Piccolo's arm

The wizard puts his hands forwards and yells "Paparapapa" to make a slimy substance appear and cling to his enemy. The magical slime discharges lightning, pressing tightly against the enemy.[1]

Babidi uses his Demon Eye technique on Piccolo, only in the anime, but Piccolo blows it away with a Kiai.

Appearances in games

The technique was named Demon Eye in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3, where it appears as one of Babidi's Blast 1. It used by both Babidi and his father Bibidi as a super attack named Biribiri Sorcery (ビリビリの魔術, Biribiri no Majutsu) in Dragon Ball Heroes.



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